Chris Verringer   United Kingdom (Great Britain) founder // run ggradio, virtual-market, etc

rarely have time to game anymore
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4d4m 2020년 6월 23일 오전 5시 40분 
add me for a quick talk, i have an offer, i couldnt add you for some reason...
BOT#1 GIVEAWAY 2020년 6월 13일 오전 2시 20분 
Dear winner!
Your SteamID is selected as winner of Cloud9 giveaway.
Get your ★ Karambit | Doppler on
Zebul 2020년 6월 9일 오후 12시 49분 
Hello pal, I've played against you recently and I'd like to invite you in our team. Here's my main account, add me please . We're planning to compete in some tourneys, I think we have good chances with you especially :)
xSKICZ 2020년 6월 3일 오후 12시 33분 
Hi, our team went to the finals of a decent tournament, but our player will not be able to take part in this match, we urgently need a stand-in who can replace him.
If we win this tournament, you will receive about $600~
Add my main account, if you're ready to compete
Fortnite plajer 2020년 4월 17일 오후 4시 42분 
+rep fun and good player <3 <3 <3 <3
.it is pixels u mad? 2020년 3월 25일 오후 6시 42분 
ahahaah get ♥♥♥♥ed now we win without you xD