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Vermin360 26 dic 2013, ore 7:32 
I have doubles of Snow Globe 2 and 4 that I'm looking to trade.
ShuaReborn 19 lug 2013, ore 7:46 
I managed to get em all :D I'd be happy to give you my extras when I get more. :D
Vermin360 19 lug 2013, ore 6:22 
Now I have the Chivalry card, too.
ShuaReborn 16 lug 2013, ore 14:46 
I don't have that one yet. Is there any your missing?

I have the following:
Bioshock Infinite
Dead Island Riptide
Kerbal Space Program

I'm missing:
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Football Manager 2013
Prison Architect
Torchlight II

I'm not chasing the badge all that much, so I'd be happy to help you get yours. :D Also random note about the Madden message. Here's the sad part I traded some games in at futureshop to so we could get some ink/etc. for the wedding for "free" sacrfices were made :(
Vermin360 16 lug 2013, ore 14:30 
Prison Architect is of course what I meant.
Vermin360 16 lug 2013, ore 14:29 
Have the Prison Manager foil card. Willing to trade if you need it to complete your set.