you want me but b*tch i dont want you
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So there I was on destiny trying to decide on what to play, Eventually I thought "Lets play some pvp" so I load in, Nothing unusual right? Having a great time the first game, Load into the 2nd game and there's JUST a team full of h0mos on the other team, 3 hunters shatterdiving any chance they get, 1 shotting me when i'm not even next to it! Unbelievable!
Anyway, As you can see I was pretty tilted, 3rd game and I'm JUST getting frozen ALL game, What can you do?
I leave mid game, ♥♥♥♥ my teammates they were shatterdiving anyway, well deserved, So I go to pve to get away from being frozen cause honestly if I would've gotten frozen 1 more time I might of just ended my own life.
So I load into pve, Everything is normal for about 5 minutes, Then randomly out of NOWHERE I find myself FROZEN, and I'm wondering if somehow a teammate froze me maybe and is trolling, But no, EVEN THE PVE ENEMIES FREEZE YOU, I am writing this as I tie the noose, Thought i'd let you all know to stay away from this game before you too get your life ruined.

I don't know, I guess I often think about ending my life, and why not? what's so great about living?
You know when I'm happy? for about 5 minutes when I first wakeup, before i remember who I am and what my lifes about. Anxiety, Disappointment, Getting frozen more often than not.
I don't know if there's an afterlife, But who cares?
Nothingness couldn't be worse than these meaningless games of getting shatterdove in crucible


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Persona Oct 13 @ 10:54pm 
hey im a stasis hunter
euphoria Oct 12 @ 1:25am 
hey im a stasis hunter
asx Sep 19 @ 4:25am 
you/your team did too? i hate stasis more than anyone else and havent even unlocked it so stop ur whining and get better at the game
TwinTurboZach Sep 18 @ 7:06pm 
your team did
TwinTurboZach Sep 18 @ 7:05pm 
I dont even play hunter kid
asx Sep 18 @ 5:42pm 
come in vc and say it to my face