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After World War Two, the United States decided to create and operate a secret military base to prevent any future attacks against the Americans. The facility was built under the desert of New Mexico, later fully shut down in 1990.

Created by - Tabajara
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》Little☆Nightmare《 Jul 8 @ 9:14am 
+Rep 《 Have☆ a ☆ nice ☆ Day 》
Strawgoo Apr 18 @ 6:10pm 
8:08 PM - Vermillion: no ♥♥♥♥♥ we're meeting up at an alley so i can butt♥♥♥♥♥♥you in the puss
8:09 PM - Straw: "butt♥♥♥♥♥♥you in the puss"
Strawgoo Apr 13 @ 7:48pm 
bro, yo bro. Bro BRO BRO BROB RO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO Bro. Like fr bro, i feel so close to you bro. You're not just another other bro, bro. You're my home bro, bro. thankyou bro for showing me how to bro, i mean, bro, like i didn't know how to bro until my bro right here showed me how to be a home bro. thanks bro, i dont know why im writing this, bro, but you are my bro and bros need to express eachother to one another, right bro? Home bro, i wonder how many times i said bro in this... bro(para)graph. I mean bro, it's important to bro it up in your bro-ful bro life, right bro? I'm glad my home bro agreed with me, talk to you later bro. Home bro.
Strawgoo Mar 18 @ 1:54pm 
Hey birthday Boi
Vermillion Feb 27 @ 11:13pm 
lol u already are ;) VINE FAMOUS... but then vine died so theres that...
Buttercupbb Feb 24 @ 4:20pm 
heyyyyy i wanna b famus