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If I don't know you and you're adding me, give me a reason or I delete u - ty - I am a leet gamer.

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Benjutsu Jun 10 @ 10:57am 
Hello I was watching your stream and I saw you had player names underneath the tf2 class icons at the top of your screen. I was wondering if that was your hud or how that is done so I could add that feature to my game.
karthoΣ Jun 8 @ 3:00am 
added for national scottish team related question
jordanian national team May 28 @ 11:42am 
added for demo-related question
bleghfarec May 22 @ 1:44pm 
added for tftv biz :B1:
iQ-23 Apr 18 @ 6:31am 
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┤ErwinsArm├ Apr 5 @ 6:58am 
I make you a very good offer lets just talk in dm ^^