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Personal Achievements

Welcome Luxer

Win a game.


Win 100 games
0 / 100


Win 10 different maps.
0 / 10


Win 100 different maps.
0 / 100


Download a map plugin

Fear the Reaper

Beat 4 Reaper AIs

Don't fear the Reaper

Beat 5 Reaper AIs


Craft a map into the Plugin Manager

Online Luxer

Win a multi-player online game

Online Lux Centurion

Win 100 multi-player online games

Online Lux Contender

Win an online full-house game

Online Lux Champion

Win 100 online full-house games
0 / 100

Castle Voxer

Become aware of Lux's sister, the team-based simultaneous-turns game Castle Vox

Ancient Empires King

Beat the Ancient Empires Lux campaign on King difficulty or higher

American History Major

Beat the American History Lux campaign on Major difficulty or higher


Win a game in 5 rounds or less


Win 500 different maps
0 / 500

Double Kill

Eliminate 2 players in one turn

Quint Kill

Eliminate all 5 other players in one turn

Tourney Champion

Win an Online Tournament

Zero Hotkey

Decimate a large army down to 1 using the Z-click hotkey

Large Division

Divide a large army using the 2-9 divisor hotkeys

Survive Full Doom

Win a game against 5 BotOfDoom AIs

Full House Classic

Win an online 6 human game on the Classic map

Full House Biohazard

Win an online 6 human game on the Biodeux map

Full House Expletus

Win an online 6 human game on the Imperium Romanum Expletus map

Full House Map of the Month

Win an online 6 human game on the Map of the Month