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Personal Achievements


Upgrade the Bridge to level 2

Home Improvement

Upgrade the Bridge to level 3

Zero-G Water Feature

Upgrade the Bridge to level 5

Take Out the Trash

Dispose of a fully mined Asteroid


Dispose 10 fully mined Asteroids

Vacuum Cleaner

Dispose 100 fully mined Asteroids

First Base

Defeat a player's base

Base Invader

Defeat 10 player bases

All Your Base

Defeat 100 player bases

Breaking the Contract

Defeat a level 10 Cargo fleet or higher

The Terms of Our Agreement

Defeat a level 33 VEGA fleet or higher

The Termination Clause

Defeat a level 55 VEGA fleet or higher

Decorated Officer

Reach 15 or more Medals

Distinguished Service

Reach 50 or more Medals

Medal of Honor

Reach 150 or more Medals

Playground Bully

Defeat a player's fleet

Street Fighting

Defeat 15 player fleets

Earning a Reputation

Defeat 75 player fleets

Get Off My Lawn

Defend your Bridge during an incursion

Home Security System

Defend your Bridge during an incursion 25 times

Hold Down the Fort

Defend your Bridge during an incursion 100 times

Squeaky Voice

Store 50,000 Helium-3 at one time

Lighter than Air

Store 1,000,000 Helium-3 at one time

99 Million Red Balloons

Store 99,000,000 Helium-3 at one time

Space Truckers

Store 50,000 Mineral Ore at one time

The Bonus Situation

Store 1,000,000 Mineral Ore at one time

Mining Magnate

Store 100,000,000 Mineral Ore at one time

Explosive Barrels

Store 25,000 Antimatter at one time

Dangerous Goods

Store 500,000 Antimatter at one time

Hazardous Materials

Store 50,000,000 Antimatter at one time

Double Digits

Reach Base Level 10

Drinking Age

Reach Base Level 21

Midlife Crisis

Reach Base Level 40

Mission Possible

Claim 5 Mission Rewards

Mission Critical

Claim 25 Mission Rewards

Mission Complete

Claim 75 Mission Rewards

Early Adopter

Complete a Blueprint item

Data Commander

Complete 10 Blueprint items

We Have the Technology

Complete 50 Blueprint items