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Personal Achievements

Budding delivery boy

Make your first delivery

Fast & Safe !

Get 5 reputation points at the end of a delivery

Accomplished space runner

Make all deliveries

F**K me I'm famous !

Get 150 reputation points

Space tourism

Meet Brandon Richards


Make a delivery for each freight company


Buy the three upgrades of a module

Engineering expert

Buy all engineering's modules and upgrades

Recharge your batteries !

Buy a power generator

The best form of defense ...

Buy all offensive modules

Space raider

Loot 50 000 hexnuts

Faster than light !

Reach 1000 thrust power during a delivery

Salvage man

Recycle 5 constructions during a delivery

Building frenzy

Build 5 construction in 5 seconds

Boom !

Destroy 10 enemy ships

I am the boss !

Destroy a boarding ship

Armed to the teeth

Get 10 weapons built on your ship

Slow and steady ...

Use the tactical break ability 2 times during a delivery

False friends

Turn 5 pirates into allies in one activation of the IFF jammer ability


Repair 1000 hit points in one activation of the mass repair ability

Mind your backs !

Destroy 5 enemies or constructions in one activation of the burn ability

Fatality !

Destroy a boading ship with the death ray ability


Destroy 10 enemies or constructions in one activation of the fire rain ability


Bring back 150% cargos or more in a BC delivery

They have asked for it ...

Destroy 2 enemy ships with a single nuke

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