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Lady Fascination: 6/12 was a terrorist attack by the swedish gov on polish ninjas in slovakia

kipler: we will go explore the dungeons of poundland together
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Authors note: spoiler: I write this if instead niko died insead of roman. Maybe roman wald ctually be cool instead of just a fat taxidriver that wanats to go bolling allthe time?Chapter 1: Niko diesI was a nice day and niko went for a walk because it was a nice day and they smog wasent so bad to day and there was evan a bird or some in the sky and the people in liberticity all went on there day without any fiting. Exept niko was in torble with faustin and he got shot in a hitman and bleads todeath in the side walk. The 911 got called on him but it was to late the bullet ententered in the braun and shut down his life. He did instentley. Roman weant to the hospintal to look in his cousin but he was ded and ramen was sad for his cousins death. He bowed to revenge this death and take down fustin and all his crownies once and for all even if it meant his own life waould also be taken asss well!