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Do you know that feeling when you've been eating something cold, such as ice cream, then take a sip of some hot tea, and your teeth feel like the fourth fucking reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian SSR at 01:23:40 MSD (UTC+04:00) on the 26th of April, 1986?

:yellowbeat:Mouse: - They say an image is worth a thousand words. [soykaf.eu]
:yellowbeat:Keyboard: - An abomination that was born from the parts of 3 different keyboards. Has Cherry MX Red switches, blue backlighting, and plastic Chinese keycaps.
:yellowbeat:Mousepad: - 42x42cm pad that I've been using since 2011, has a few ventilation holes in it.
:yellowbeat:Headphones: - The guts of a Sennheiser HD407 in the casing of a Steelseries 9H.
:yellowbeat:Microphone: - 2€ clip microphone on a stand made of chopsticks, zipties, superglue, and the lid of a tin can.
:yellowbeat:Monitor #1: - That cheap 144hz AOC monitor everyone uses.
:yellowbeat:Monitor #2: - Random off-brand monitor, found in a dumpster with blown capacitors.
:yellowbeat:Monitor #3: - Some cheap Samsung monitor, also found in a dumpster with a fried PCB.

:yellowbeat:CPU - Ryzen 3 1300x @ 4.0GHz
:yellowbeat:GPU - Chinese bootleg 750Ti found in a dumpster, has a 120mm fan ziptied to it.

:yellowbeat:Steam3ID: - [U:1:782826]
:yellowbeat:SteamID32: - STEAM_0:0:391413
:yellowbeat:SteamID64: - 76561197961048554

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As a Pyro, the Degreaser inflicts less afterburn damage but allows you to switch weapons almost instantly. This allows you to more easily perform deadly combination attacks, such as setting the enemy on fire and then using the Axtinguisher in order to inflict a critical hit!