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Girls Frontline EN UID: 177277 (Deceased ☐☐-☐☐-2019)

Team Fortress 2 Achievements and statistics reset January 1st, 2017.


12:14 AM - Varstel: I reported a bug to valve
12:15 AM - Varstel: It made the game litterally unplayable
12:15 AM - Collat: cool
12:15 AM - Collat: what was it
12:15 AM - Varstel: If you look at your last match stats, if you used the R8 revolver the most, the favorite weapon will be the Deagle and not the R8
12:16 AM - Collat: oh ♥♥♥♥ thats game breaking

Against vore fetishists because I don't like it

Her3Aft3r was here :csdsmile:
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the nicest mute I've had the pleasure of playing with
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:gift: Happy Hearth's Warming Eve! :spacepony:
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Hey add me, I have a trade offer for your thing, happy 4th, here's more comments on your profile
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@Varstel You know, Neptune always has her head in the clouds. You should join team Noire instead.
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welcome back