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Never forget the great /r/Place war.

[15:54] Visiblur: Hvad ville Gorm den gamle ikke have sagt
[16:00] BikingLlama: det ikke fucking civ6
[16:01] Ralle: Hvis historietimerne i gymnasiet lærte mig noget, så var det at man aldrig må kæmpe en tofronts krig.
[16:19] OneTooMany: Danmark ville aldrig kunne bestå hvis i var i folketinget
[16:17] Arky: Hellere død end svensk!
15:13] Nosyeye: hele den her twice affære har givet mig fornyet respekt for Folketingets arbejde

-List off good quotes and memorable moments. Not all of it is funny. But it gives me memorabilia. Enjoy i guess.

What is happening? Doomsday?! Hold on i gotta get an ice cream." -Marty Mcbacon

Marty McSeuss: whore island
Marty McSeuss: where ppl fuck gold flish
Varia: Some does
Varia: Some pretends to be animals
Varia: And call it a kink
Marty McSeuss: some are the gold fish
Marty McSeuss: and the real gold fish are just fucked inbetween

Marty McSeuss: i like to imagine a scenario where jesus accidentally used a spell and kills you, and your are just like "jesus, that killed me"
Marty McSeuss: like really disspointed

20:46 - Ψ: When I was a kid I was playing a lot with legos
20:46 - Ψ: One day I accidentally made a swastika symbol
20:46 - Ψ: And I showed it to my parents

16:42 - Take me to church: Of the dick in your drive
16:42 - Take me to church: Right click it
16:42 - Take me to church: Open folder

19:39 - Marty McBacon: lion king death scene
19:39 - Marty McBacon: i swear man dont do it
19:39 - Marty McBacon: its a drug

[09.54.25] ⓡⓔⓕⓞⓡⓜⓔⓓ: incest is k as long as it is in anime

[23.07.01] Marty McAdditionalPylons: the dark times of sucking
[23.07.14] Marty McAdditionalPylons: sucking in the dark

21:36 - SL4V`ЯH^v^: Lithuania is like
21:36 - SL4V`ЯH^v^: Undertale
21:36 - SL4V`ЯH^v^: This country is kill or be killed
21:37 - SL4V`ЯH^v^: or either ur drug addict

20:03 - Varia: U doing anything tonight? :B1:
20:03 - Marty McBacon:
20:04 - Marty McBacon: not anymore

22:04 - Martendo DS: just fukn
22:04 - Martendo DS: sit in my undies and blast it

[09.17.51] Link me the mod
[09.17.53] to kill kids
[09.17.53] :)))

[10.42.40] Varia: DO YOU SUCK DICKS
[10.42.55] AGA_: No
[10.43.00] AGA_: Not yet
[10.43.04] Varia: Ooookay
[10.43.08] Varia: Little to real there

[10.25.07] Simon: Just please
[10.25.22] Simon: Never let VariaGaming happen

[10.23.58] Marty McBacon: GET CONNECTIONS
[10.24.00] Marty McBacon: GET PAID
[10.24.01] Marty McBacon: GET LAID
[10.24.03] Marty McBacon: GATORADE

01:13 - Marty McBacon: Hyattsville
01:13 - Marty McBacon: Hahahaha*

[01.20.55] Marty McBacon: but he likes traps
[01.21.06] Marty McBacon: thats at least 50% gay

21:36 - Marty McBacon: I WISH I WAS GAY

19:11 - Marty McBacon: i miss read something and came up with this joke, "yo mama so fat, if she was to play chucky they would call her chunky"
19:11 - Marty McBacon: now that ive expressed it i can die in peace

23:40 - Marty McBacon: this is just too much dildo for me today
Wall of Fame (Among other things)
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Anonymous: I hope you step on a lego faggot.


Zexyqag: inside every paper there is a rock *FACT*
Zexyqag: on discovery channel

13:23 - Varia: So like what do you say when you get added randomly or the other way around
13:24 - ๖Zexyqag])=([DK])=: I say What the hell are you doing here?
13:24 - Varia: Wow... Then what do you say when you add someone?
13:25 - ๖Zexyqag])=([DK])=: What the hell am i dong here?

Marty: wtf
Marty: 14:43 - xxx69-smurfette-69xxx: hey baby
Varia: Wat?
Varia: xD
Varia: If its RP
Varia: BAIL
Varia: GET OUT
Marty: i dont think so
Marty: idk who he is
Marty: 2 sex
Marty: sec*
Marty: SEC
Varia: sex
Marty: NO
Varia: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

15:33 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): I just
15:33 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): saw some
15:33 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): stars
15:33 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): lots of stars
15:33 - Varia: Stars are nice
15:33 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): Whole fucking glaxy
15:33 - Varia: Galaxies are nice
15:34 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): xD
15:34 - Varia: x3
15:34 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): I just saw Varia
15:34 - Dr Rights (Meoww OwO?): "Varias are nice"

:sow_star: 18:46 - Alleria WindRunner.: hmmmh
18:47 - Alleria WindRunner.: Idk what u think
18:47 - Alleria WindRunner.: but as long as your dick is big
18:47 - Alleria WindRunner.: and ur heart is strong
18:47 - Alleria WindRunner.: its all k

:sow_star: Marty: Harriott and the Philosophers 2 Stones
Marty: Harriott and the Chamber of Secrets
Marty: Harriott and the pussy of Azkaban
Marty: Harriott and the Dicklet on Fire
Marty: Harriott and the Order of the Penis
Marty: Harriott and the Full-Blooded Boner
Marty: Harriott and the pleasure Hollows
Marty: Harriott and the Order of the Penis
Marty: Harriott and the Fucked Child

<18:00:26> "Martin Chiselwood": Im seriously done
<18:00:34> "Martin Chiselwood": Im going to change the wifi pass
<18:00:36> "Martin Chiselwood": And fuck her
<18:00:41> "Martin Chiselwood": That went out bad

<18:01:20> "Martin Chiselwood": Incest is the highest rated family game

:sow_star: "Why did you nuke the niggers?" -Shark 2015

17:35 - Dr Alto Clef: I'm imaging Cornelius as Anakin and Yarkinno as Obi-Wan
17:35 - Varia: Oh shit
17:35 - Dr Alto Clef: Oh God
17:35 - Dr Alto Clef: So sexy
17:35 - Dr Alto Clef: Sexy Turkish voice fights
17:36 - Dr Alto Clef: I can imagine Cornelius saying the line at the end "I hate you"
17:36 - Dr Alto Clef: Just so calm about it though
17:36 - Dr Alto Clef: No shits given
17:36 - Varia: xD
17:36 - Varia: Clef's inner dreams revaled
17:37 - Dr Alto Clef: Just Turkish men everywhere

:sow_star: 18:42 - Marty: i out of fuck bois at the moment

:sow_star: 18:56 - Marty McBacon: jeez dude
18:56 - Marty McBacon: you need some detmabation cuz they can barely organism

Varia: Did we all forget we have necks?
Marty McBacon: nah mate
Marty McBacon: necks for pussies
Marty McBacon: i got mine removed yesterday
Marty McBacon: its all backbone now
Marty McBacon: im loling to hard at my own pun
Marty McBacon: its a little sad

18:15 - Marty McBacon: oi mat
18:15 - Marty McBacon: e
18:16 - Varia: Wot m8
18:16 - Marty McBacon: brb

14:31 - Fragment: fukin
14:31 - Fragment: faces on de wall
14:32 - Fragment: faces in da chet
14:32 - Fragment: faces on mi face
14:32 - Varia: All the faces
14:32 - Fragment: faces on facecam
14:32 - Varia: Holy shit
14:32 - Fragment: faces on feces

Fear: /me does it with his d

10:33 - Boudica: You know what
10:33 - Boudica: you win this time
10:33 - Boudica: you mother fucker.
10:33 - Boudica: you win this time./
10:33 - Varia: :^)
10:33 - Boudica: fucking
10:33 - Boudica: cunt
10:33 - Boudica: fuck
10:33 - Boudica: sake
10:33 - Boudica: why
10:33 - Varia: xD
10:33 - Boudica: NO
10:33 - Boudica: you dont get to win
10:33 - Boudica: fuck off!
10:33 - Boudica: bad!
10:33 - Boudica: w..a...
10:33 - Boudica: gm..
10:33 - Boudica: thanks.
10:33 - Boudica: Cunt.

Marty?: *A large boner is heard in the distance*

Srednas Einreb: no more dick bending
Srednas Einreb: :(


11:27 - Marty McGoogler: for the golry of saton ofc
11:27 - Varia: Golry of Saton
11:27 - Marty McGoogler: glory*
11:28 - Varia: Golry of Saton. Lord of detmabation

17:28 - Marty McBacon: good die
17:28 - Marty McBacon: die for the better?
17:28 - Marty McBacon: you cant make die sound like a good thing
17:28 - Marty McBacon: proberly because it isnt
17:29 - Marty McBacon: unless its hitler
17:29 - Marty McBacon: there we go it's like hitler dying

14:24 - Fragment: Your host
14:24 - Fragment: Killer Cornstar

21:02 - Marty GmSadULTRASOUND: he is a special sandflake
21:02 - Marty GmSadULTRASOUND: in my heart <3
21:02 - Marty GmSadULTRASOUND: idk if thats healthy

[09.19.11] Marty McSeuss: fkn dangerous as fuck dude
[09.19.35] Marty McSeuss: sanding about
[09.19.40] Marty McSeuss: being magical

[12.04] Alleria: they kidnap 25 kids and only 5 live to be witchers wih the trails. I love poland

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║卍 ║ to protect them
║░▒║ against Jews
║卍 ║ and even dirty Jews
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It's the thought that counts <3
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