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For hackers->Do not even bother, i reporting on everything & also i do not own a second steam or game accound & this is the original steam / game accound!

I don't click any of kind unknown steam accound web links & there are no "Free gifts!" or "Free games!" on steam.

This game & steam accound from: Finland!!!

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I am here on Steam mainly because of sociability & friends & friends are all about for me, so If you do not care or keep in touch with friends, you may lose it. If you do not care more about me you might lose me too...

Some facts about me before adding me to your friend, so also If you agree add me to your friend so you also accept all of the following things about me:

1. You accept me, who I am...
2. You honor my own personal opinion and you are not against it.
3. Respect & agree if I decide to refuse any specific matter
4. Speak properly, I do not like dry or bad jokes that hurt people or me, so keep your tongue in check...
5. I do not speak or write English well & also not like to learning thinks, so accept it.
6. If you ask me personal questions, be prepared to answer the same questions.
7. I am the artist (Photography & mutlimedia mainly)
8. I am a gentleman and a nice & soft & honestly & I'm not as small as I look...
9. I am a game collector and item & I play just sometime...
10. I am not a multiplayer game player, but i can play with my best friends & co-op mode, but anotherwise i play mostly solo or just with bots.
11. I am heterosexual-, straight & incest furry- & in real life too,
Profile info:
Media Production Group: 1997-20XX

(Im photography artist in fa...^^)

Welcome to my Steam profile of meaning! XD

Im be over 15+ years furry! I feel like I'm veteran a furry. x3

But, I am a human quite frankly:

Very unique, artist, reliable, usually a gentleman, old-fashioned, old-style, traditionalist personality, awesome, cool, inspiration, creative, sensitive, simply, funny usual, busy, good-natured, friendly, Incidentally, i have relaxed man but, opinion matters i am a serious person, i care about my friends internet & rl one, playful, childlike, long temper, mettlesome, skeptical person, usually i do not trust strangers, careful, long-lived & experienced, reserved, shy, an unusual person, says things straight what I think but, sitll i can pretty much prattle things, a thinking differently, open-mind, kind-hearted, self-defense, i'm a survivor, I first, then the others, things & myself repetitive, individual & individuality inquiring, simply thoughtful, perhaps strange, usual cheery & happy person, more than inwards swivel outwards, truly social but, not very social starting, active, weak defender, a genuine supporter of marriage, i'm not a racist but, i might discriminate against certain human target groups & i do not support equality because one does not exist & also i am not an enemy to anyone or make them, approachable a person & i do not smoke or drink alcohol & also i'm furry 110% inside & outside probably my whole life. :3

I have some a few requirements if you want to add me into your a friend list so, continue a reading my old & new profile info. :3

Most of my free time at the moment goes to sleeping & day chores as well as video gaming. x3

I like people who, accept the person as they are. Its strengths and weaknesses. There is no exact a penalty for the person and have a sense of humor, imaginative.

Favorite hobbies are: photography, video gaming, video game desing, film-making, making & playing the music, BMX, Skateboard, RC car, computer overclocking.

Favorite color is light blue but, blue usuall in general and full white. I less like rainbow, rave colors compinations (Neon), black, gray & purple & color compinations (Pink, yellow, blue).

Favorite music: Classic blues, r&b ballad, opera, popular song (radio). I less like: metalica, rave, religious music, techno & rap music.

I watching sometimes a movies but, i like more watch cartoons & animes. :3

My favorite a game gentre area was mostly: Simulation, Sports, Racing games but, i like to play also any other a gentres too. I less like gentre area was: F2P, RTS, RPG or Visual Novels type of games.

Videogames what i like a lot example was: Left For Dead 1-2, Frostpunk, Farming Simulator Series, This War of Mine, Dead Island, Metro: Last Light, The Walking Dead series, Bloodsports.TV, Guild Wars 1-2, Garry Mod, Westland 1-2, Portal series, Combat Mission, Sudden Strike 1-4, Jalopy, Stellaris, Mafia1-3, Assetto Corsa, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, The Escapist 2, VR Soccer 96, Sheltered, 7 Days To Die, Wreckfest, Railroad Tycoon 2, Eurotruck Simulator 1-2, Torchlight 1-2, Armello, Offworld Trading Company, Factorio, Motorsport Manager, Nepturia Series, Portal Knights, Turmoil, Gold Rush: The Game & much more + choosen one on steam profile.

I Less like games like: Usual F2P games, Visual novel games, DOTA/LOL, Civilization series, Final Fantasy series, StartCraft 2, Dark Soul series, Team Fortness 2, Might & Magic series, Mortal Kombat, WarCraft, WOW, Diablo, Total Wars, Start Wars, Witcher, Xcom Series, Borderlands, Saint Row Series, The Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve Together, Startboud, Pony World, Undertale, The Stanley Parable, Castlevania, Metroid, Goat Simulator, Toast Simulator, D'LIRIUM, Them's Fightin' Herds, Joy Pony, FTL: Faster Than Light, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Tropico Series, Life is Strange & much more.

I have also many a game consoles too including games...

I have bad english, i do not play mp games, i do not trade stuff & i like to role-playing.
I hate mostly: LGBTQ+, MLP ponies, unicorns, dragons, lizards, pride supported, trolling, religio type/spiritualist of persons.
I like example: Cats, rabbits, loli, cute thinks, pokemons, anime, videogames, photographys.

Well, im still not whatever negative or rude dude, i just don't like some thinks but, i still likes lots of good thinks too & that all. :3

I only represent the groups in which I am, but I'm not as active or to participate in group activities usually.

I add mostly peoples a randomly how are a furry or support them, have a common thinks with me or was in same groups where i was.

I don't accept to you my friend for sure if you're: 0 or low level Steam accound, private profile or if you have any dislike thinks what i don't like. I also hope then you're not mostly busy or away or not talking type of person. I do not usal keep thease type of person in my friend list because, I do not keep this origin for very long there. So please do not add me in your a friend list if you are this type of person. That why i don't usual accept a random persons in general for my friend list or other similar reasons what im write there.

It's still recommended that you have something in common with me or know me somewere else, before you add a friend me.

Please a read also my old *MORE INFO THERE* -list too...

Also, i demand respect very much & also if you think to add me your a friend list, you need also read upper profile info area first & accept those thinks, otherwise i'm not probably want to be your friend.
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In many part of the enhanced area of the game, which also offers new things to do and gameplay.

General level, the game is a spectacular game but, in-depth viewing this game there are many things that is not in my mind, and unfortunately, many of the details will spoil my game experience.

In fact, I personally more from the previous part of the game and even just until the release of Mafia Game 3 despite even though these games have had their own problems.

In fact, the fastener this point a lot of the game to detail on the basis of self-criticism this game, my taste and my views with regard to.

In this post my point and the things that I like and I do not like in this video game:

Good things:

-The general game graphics & details
-Improved game a performance
-General game world
-Game story and game plot is good
-New ways to play the game as well as proceed within the tasks.
-No need to be a multiplayer mode to play single player

The bad things:

-Requires Uplay to play the game
-It is not worth a full price game
-Game characters are not interesting
-Very much like the bland black and too colorful color the world on display.
-Visual clips of the game vector graphics and logos. (There are perhaps part of the theme of the game but, do not look nice)
-The game supports or is part of the rainbow and transgentre sexuals (I unfortunately do not like this and to represent or support.)
-The most racist video game I've ever played, because racism is reflected in the game or is part of a symbolic content.

General From level the game is successful, but to many, bringing heartburn certain target groups of people, so the game is not suitable for everyone. If these do not pay attention to the game is quite good and playable, without that, those things interfere with but, more sensitive individuals such as myself, these appear to the eye badly.

So the game may like or not, both the view of the game is perfectly acceptable and at this point I put myself tolerable negative review.


Monelta osa alueelta parannettu peli, joka myöskin tarjoaa uutta tekemistä ja pelattavaa.

Yleistasolla peli on upea peli mutta, syvällisessä katselussa pelissä on lukuisia asioita, jotka ei ole mieleeni ja valitettavasti monet yksityiskohdat pilaavat minun pelikokemukseni.

Itse pidän henkilökohtaisesti enemmän edellisestä peliosasta ja jopa ihan vasta julkaisusta Mafia 3 pelistä siitä huolimatta vaikka näissä peleissä on ollut omia ongelmia.

Itse kiinnitin tässä kohtaa paljonkin pelin yksityiskohtiin, jonka perusteella itse arvostelen tämän pelin, oman makuni ja näkemykseni osalta.

Tässä omat pointtini ja asiat, joista pidän ja en pidä tässä videopelissä:

Hyvät asiat:

-Yleinen pelikraffiikka yksityiskohtineen
-Pelin yleinen suorituskyky
-Peli maailma
-Pelin tarina ja pelin juoni on hyvä
-Uusia tapoja pelata peliä sekä edetä pelissä
-Ei tarvitse olla moninpeli tilassa pelatakseen yksin peliä.

Huono asiat:

-Tarvitsee Uplay:n pelatakseen peliä.
-Ei ole täyden hintansa arvoinen peli
-Pelin hahmot eivät ole mielenkiintoisia
-Hyvin paljon mautonta mustaa ja liian värikästä värimaailmaa esillä.
-Pelin visuaalinen vektorigrafiikka leikkeet sekä logot grafiikat. (Ovat ehkä osa peliteemaa mutta, eivät näytä kivoilta)
-Peli tukee tai on osa sateenkaari ja transgentre seksualismia (itse en valitettavasti pidä tästä ja edusta tai tue.)
-Kaikkein rasistisin videopeli, jota olen koskaan pelannut, koska rasismi näkyy pelissä tai on osa symbolista sisältöä.

Yleistasolta peli on onnistunut monelta kohtaan mutta, saatta närästyttää tiettyjä ihmis kohderyhmiä, joten peli ei sovellu kaikille. Jos näihin ei kiinnitä huomiota peli on varsin hyvä ja pelattava, ilman että, kyseiset asiat häiritsee mutta, herkemmille henkilöille kuten itselleni nämä näkyvät pahasti silmään.

Pelistä siis voi tykätä tai ei, kumpikin näkemys pelistä on täysin hyväksyttäviä ja tässä kohtaan itse laitoin hyväksyttävän negatiivisen arvostelun.

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