freshmeatt~: i actually thought thursday couldn't get any worse
freshmeatt~: and you just made it so even though it's friday already

[SM] ADMIN: Kicked Kaz (Reason: making room for kaz)

Don Quixote: no idea
Don Quixote: it was a good idea though

Khaki: i have 3 mumble servers
Khaki: labeled vani, vani2, and vani3

Deruex: i was so unlucky the last several times i faced him i was beyond bad
Deruex: the worst time when i had to deal with your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ scripts @ lan

[SM] Cali: Permanently banned player "Cali" (reason: "goodbye teek -cali").

Monochrome : vani has to inform his neighbours that he's alive again today as a warning

gomen vani
someday we will play the spooky game

"rocket jumping was a mistake"

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I don't use that crappy app. :badNk: I just saw your comments while profile surfing...... gay!! :NekoHappy:
GrimStrider Sep 25 @ 3:48pm 
Gay. :NekoShock:
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Iso Sep 14 @ 4:14pm 
There's these weird consistencies to the stories of MGE players who've been involved in near death experiences (car accidents etc). While comatose these people have had unusually similar visions. All of them involve the experience of standing on a flat grey plane that extends as far as the eye can see. The one having the vision isn't able to travel where they want, they're restricted by a high metal fence that extends around them in a circle. Try as they might, they can't get over or around the fence.

Then something strange happens. A man appears on the other side of the circle. He doesn't appear any different to them, but somehow everyone who has had this vision is terrified by him. Above his head are a bunch of Cyrillic characters and the number '2900'. The significance of these two things is not yet known. Shortly after this man appears, the dreamer awakes from their comatose state, often in great distress.
-=GHS=- Fennekin Sep 7 @ 2:19pm 
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no more commenting on scratch's profile, final warning