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TechBeat Heart is a great little semi-endless arena shmup! Use one of multiple weapons to kill everything on screen, increase your multiplier, extend your time as long as you can by making combos and when your time has run out it's time to face the boss.

I received a Steam key in exchange for the Dutch localization. I offered to translate just to help out a starting shmup dev team but it turned out I really enjoy the game.

All enemies are divided in groups, after killing a certain amount of a group the last enemy killed will drop a white capsule. Catching this capsule will add 0.1 to your multiplier. The winged enemies carry coloured weapon capsules, killing them will make them drop their capsule which will change your weapon according to the colour of that capsule. The weapon capsules also add 0.2 to your multiplier.

Game modes
The game can be played in the following modes:
Normal: speed 1 & lives 2
Hard: speed 2 & lives 1
Turbo: speed 4 & lives 1
Caravan: speed 3 & lives 2
Halloween: speed 2 & lives 1

Normal, Hard and Turbo are the standard modes where you control a big white ship with a tiny hitbox. In the Caravan mode you play with a golden version of your ship with scripted enemy waves as opposed to the other game modes the enemy waves are procedurally generated. In the Halloween mode you play as a spider with instead of a focus button a speed button and no weapon capsules.

Normal mode is a bit easy albeit good for practice, but all the other modes are quite challenging with a high replayability factor. The boss I found quite hard to beat at first but you need to draw the (homing) bullets to one side and then wait for the last moment to run to the other side or even up to make it out safely.

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Moose Life: Pure Mode - 3,938,060

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