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ValiantCristal is my PC gaming clan. The website will be created sometime in the future.
I like MARIAGE FRÈRES Tea and my favorite games are Team Fortress 2, A.V.A, CS:GO, Drift City Remastered, Foxhole, NFS World SBRW, Guild Wars 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2.

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Team Fortress 2 is one of the best fps multiplayer games ever made. Even though the game is pretty old by now, people are still playing and investing money. That is because the game is extremely fun and it has very good gameplay. The game offers a bunch of different gamemodes that work pretty well (except Mannpower lol) and the 9 classes are balanced (except Phlog lol). Characters, most maps and the soundtrack are pretty good, which make this game a true classic.

If you want to trade with other players you can visit the marketplace on Steam or go to or or All in all, this is the most fun, straight to the point game that I have ever played! That's because you can literally spend infinite hours on it and it will never become boring. If you do get bored, play on a different map or server, or change your cosmetics loadout. A huge variety in items will ensure that you will love expanding your inventory with new items.

In my opinion, this is the best multiplayer game from Valve. It deserves more praise and Valve should care more for their actual best game. This game has so much potential, they just need to develop more updates and improve the quality of gameplay a little by bringing the competitive scene back to life. This game deserves to be as popular as Dota 2 and CS:GO. There is a reason people still play this game and I don't think it will die out anytime soon.
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This is a straight 10/10 game. It feels both simple & complex at the same time. Simple because you need to choose what you want to do. You can be a Logi or Builder or Infantry or Partisan or Artillery or something else. You have to research a bit on the net on how to play any role. It is not too hard to learn any one role but the game becomes complex when you realize that there are just so many different things that you can do in Foxhole. It is definitely much better when you play in a clan or with friends although I haven't tried that yet.

The game kinda has a VALVE Source Engine feel. The way it looks like it was made by VALVE themselves when they were at their best. Graphics also feels Source Engine like to me, which is a very good thing. This is like the Dota 2 of war. There is no better game than this in the genre, not that I knew any others though. If you ask me, this is a much better way to spend your time than with PlanetSide 2. So far I've only played Logi because I think it is the best role to start with. It feels so good to bring crates to the frontlines and then receive commends. After all that work of farming, refining, waiting for the factory, you just bring those crates to the frontline and people reward you.

Now I will try to be on the battlefield and kill Colonials so I can realize what goods the frontline most needs and become a better Warden Logi. This game is very research-intensive in that you need to watch some YouTube tutorials first before playing it. In my first deployment I created a truck and ran out of diesel. After some searching I found some. On my 2nd day I freezed to death in a snowstorm.

Here are two good tips for beginner Logistics that most tutorials fail to mention.

#1 If you bring anything to the frontline ALWAYS turn them into crates first! Basically you gather salvage or any other resource, then you go refine it in a refinery, then you use those refined materials in a factory to produce crates of weapons and other things. Only things that come out of a factory will be crates. However, if you want to provide any other resource to the frontline such as bmats and rmats, you simply need to go into the menu of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Shipping Container, with the materials in your inventory and right click on them and select turn into crates. That way you can transport crates exclusively to the frontlines which is MUCH better than just bringing raw bmats and rmats.

#2 If you arrive to the frontline e.g. a Bunker Base then drive your truck to it and press E and then do NOT click on the crates in your inventory manually and hit submit. If you do this other players can hit submit and steal your commends. If you want to do it right, Shift+Right Click on any crate in your own truck inventory and hit submit all crates to stockpile. That way the crates inside your truck will all be submitted to the bunker base and everyone will know it was you who did the work.

NOTE that this game has a lore too and most players are very passionate about it. I'd suggest to actually stay with one army forever and research which army you like better. You don't really have to because you are allowed to change army after every war but in my case it's just so much cooler to always play COLONIAL or WARDEN all the time, never switching to the enemy team and becoming a traitor. I want to stay loyal. WARDEN FOREVER!
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