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Descent From Avernus

Take control of the nautiloid and escape the Hells.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 12:44pm

The Plot Thickens

Leave Act I - for somewhere altogether darker.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 1:57pm

The City Awaits

Leave Act II - Baldur's Gate is just over the horizon.
Unlocked Sep 1 @ 7:25pm


Complete ten background goals in a single playthrough - you are one with your character.
Unlocked Aug 12 @ 12:27pm

Bedrolls and Breakfast

Take four full Long Rests in a single playthrough - adventuring's tiring work.
Unlocked Aug 12 @ 2:05pm

Expand Your Mind

Consume a parasite and unlock a new power - is it meant to wriggle the whole way down?
Unlocked Sep 2 @ 5:12pm

Dig for Victory

Dig up five buried chests in a single playthrough - treasure!
Unlocked Aug 12 @ 11:30am

No Penny Required

Successfully use Detect Thoughts to pry into someone's thoughts.
Unlocked Aug 11 @ 1:57pm


Break out of prison after being arrested - aren't you daring?
Unlocked Sep 4 @ 3:23pm

You Have Two Hands for a Reason

Pet Scratch and the owlbear cub at the same time - the greatest joy an adventurer could ask for.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 6:19pm

Forged in Blood and Fire

Craft an item in the Adamantine Forge.
Unlocked Aug 20 @ 10:22am

Under Lock and Key

Rescue all the prisoners from the depths of Moonrise Towers in one playthrough.
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 7:37pm

Taking Blood

Steal the Blood of Lathander from underneath Rosymorn Monastery.
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 12:49pm

Mind Blown

Romance the Emperor.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 1:03pm

Action Surge

Perform five attacks in one turn. Your enemies won't know what hit them (literally).
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 12:22pm

Fists of Fury

Kill a character with an Unarmed Strike.
Unlocked Aug 20 @ 7:04am

Penny Pincher

Defeat the Toll Collector without her using gold against you - excellent budgeting.
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 1:25pm

No Free Lunches

Defeat the Apostle of Myrkul before it consumes any necromites.
Unlocked Sep 1 @ 3:51pm

Bottoms Up

Long Rest using only alcohol - a time-honoured dwarven tradition.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 1:40pm

Shove Off

Kill a creature with falling damage.
Unlocked Aug 11 @ 7:01pm


Read 100 different books in a single playthrough. Adventuring isn't just daring quests, you know.
Unlocked Aug 19 @ 6:40pm

Fetch Quest

Play fetch with Scratch - the best boy in the Realms.
Unlocked Aug 13 @ 5:16pm

Repairing the Weave

Stabilise Gale's Netherese orb.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 4:38pm

The Lich-Queen's Wrath

Ally with Voss against the githyanki God-Queen. Good luck.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 3:07pm

To Bloom in Darkest Night

Gift Shadowheart a night orchid - her favourite flower. Always knew she was a softie.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:01pm

Just a Nibble

Let Astarion bite you - ouch.
Unlocked Aug 11 @ 5:01pm


Break Wyll's pact with Mizora.
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:51pm


Recruit a hireling. You can befriend them or use them as cannon-fodder - we won't judge.


Multiclass into every class in one playthrough without asking Withers to change your character.


Create three unique alchemical solutions in a single playthrough - bottoms up!
0 / 3

Kill Two Birds With One Gnome

Use one enemy as an improvised weapon against another.


Earn a hundred gold from playing sweet, sweet music in a single playthrough.
19 / 100

Devil's in the Details

Defeat Commander Zhalk on the nautiloid.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Kill the Surgeon before he performs surgery on you in combat.

Fancy Footwork

Defeat Gortash in Wyrm's Rock without activating any traps.

Crash Landing

In the Wyrmway, wait until the dragon is mid-flight, then knock it out of the sky - KAPOW.

Punch Drunk

Defeat twenty opponents while a party character is drunk in a single playthough - down them.
0 / 20

Critical Hit

Complete the game in Tactician mode.

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