Vaagur Huhra   Quebec, Canada
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Former achievement hunter, but I no longer care about it anymore due to all the useless achievement spamming games and broken achievements around. Unless it was needed for an achievement, I have never used SAM/cheats/macros to obtain one. I have also never used MODS or CONSOLE COMMANDS on a game that I do not have 100% achievement unlocked unless it was needed for a certain acheivement or some game-breaking bugs. I also did not and won't let anyone farm achievements on my account either, all achievements were earned by me.

I do not care about my Achievement Completion Rate % because of developers who makes achievements for opening their games, when all i'm trying to do is idle for cards.

This is my only steam account! It has 2800+ Games, Level 90+ and Member since 28 November, 2011. Anyone else claiming to be me is trying to scam you!

I do not boost my gametime, unless I have to because I am gathering Trading Cards or Achievements for a game.

Do not click on any links posted in my comments section, sometimes people post malicious links in my comment section.

I like to chat with people. I can write and speak in FRENCH and ENGLISH. I want to learn spanish eventually.

I like typing quickly and I am looking to reach 150 wpm one day. [I JUST DID IT! ]

On Super Meat Boy, my record times on 4-10 and 4-12 are the result of a glitch I got while screensharing, which made me go through walls. These are the only levels it happened on, 4-11 time is legit.

The person who made my custom avatar is Rachel. Her deviantart can be found there:

I gave permission to Fragsworth (Clicker Heroes developer) to use my name in his game and he did!
Reddit thread:

Priority atm: Steam, IRL, Guitar, Drawing.

I have a youtube channel which is pretty bad at the moment but I plan on buying a mega computer in 2-3 years.

I have a twitch channel which is pretty useless at the moment.

I have a reddit account:

My D2jsp account:

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I think I hit a character limit or something. Will have to re-do my 100% games list...

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Castle in The Darkness is an RPG platformer with a very vast world. Sadly, it is truly unforgiving.

I'll start this review right away by mentioning that the game is filled with insta-death spikes, traps and cheap mechanics. There are many instances in which you will kill a boss or complete a very hard platforming session only to be welcomed by a death-trap. There are even a few rooms in the game where you die as you enter the room/press a switch...

Now, if you're still here after this, well congratulations, you might have just found your new game! Onto the good aspects of this game... First of all, the awesome, awesome soundtrack! It's a huge chiptune OST with very memorable songs and it is easy to see that the composer has spent a lot of time spent composing those! The graphics are very nicely done in a pixelart style.

There's a bunch of items and weapons and armors to collect, most of them have special abilities and there's tons of secret rooms with game references and/or very powerful rewards. No one's playthrough will be the same for their first times. Speaking of this, one small piece of advice, without spoiling anything at all... When you get the double-jump powerup, please, be aware that you are able to reach a lot of new places in the old/new zones you will discover! I have personally almost reached the final boss with minimal gear as I was not finding new upgrades because I did not go back after getting the double-jump powerup!

What more to say... well the game is very hard for once. There are many checkpoints, but rarely are they after boss-rooms! You can and will die a few times after beating bosses by going through difficult zones in order to find a checkpoint. They are quite sparce in the later parts of the game.

Now, back to a bit of... displeasing things about the game. There are no mini-maps. Some secrets (which are required in order to 100% the game) are very, very hard to get as they require very specific methods. You need a lot of wit and puzzle-solving abilities and a good sense of observation and being good at deciphering text in order to get some of the best items.

So overall, it is a very good game, albeit being rage-inducing due to cheap death mechanics... I would recommend this game to platformer adepts and people who enjoy a good retro challenge.

As for the game length, obviously very dependant on skills, it takes a good 5 hours to complete the game. Around 10 hours if you want to complete the game with 100% achievements/items. More if you want to replay NG+ or the secrets levels that you unlock during the game.
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Vaagur 18 hours ago 
Thanks. :)
A.C. 20 hours ago 
Grats m8 level 100! :D
Max Jul 20 @ 4:29am 
Hi, I can trade my AK Vulcan ft for all of your csgo graffities and cases (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Vaagur Jul 12 @ 1:34am 
Ok mommy.
byteframe 😚 is awed 🤗 Jul 12 @ 1:25am 
If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
Historically Tcl has always stored all intermediate results as strings.
(With 8.0 they're rethinking that. Of course, Perl rethought that from
the start.)
-- Larry Wall in <>

Mr. DePree also expects a "tremendous social change" in all workplaces. "When
I first started working 40 years ago, a factory supervisor was focused on the
product. Today it is drastically different, because of the social milieu.
It isn't unusual for a worker to arrive on his shift and have some family
problem that he doesn't know how to resolve. The example I like to use is a
guy who comes in and says 'this isn't going to be a good day for me, my son
is in jail on a drunk-driving charge and I don't know how to raise bail.'
What that means is that if the supervisor wants productivity, he has to kno
Vaagur Jun 4 @ 8:29am 
Hehe, yep. :D