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EDIT: Things have become more slow with the creation club breaking mods cycle, to a point where things are not that badly broken (although it is still insanely annoying). As such taking this back to a positive one... but beware of updating this pending on the mods you have.

EDIT: Seeing how time has gone on, and well paid mods kinda died out again, I would consider changing this review back to a positive score. My dislike for the practive still stands, but the game recommendation should reflect that I would recommend it, but not the current iteration of the paid mods so read the rest with that in mind.

Fallout 4 is a good game with a lot to offer, made a even better thanks to mods. Free mods that you can get at the nexus especially if you are running it on PC. However, the negative review is due to the publisher's desperate (and repeated) attempts at milking the modding community, even though the modding community has already helped them sell their games way longer than they would usually do. As such instead of rewarding modders with more tools and changes to the game without a cost, they implement the "creation club". A service that currently offers primarily inferior versions of free mods and one mod that is actually good, but sadly not worth the price to get it. Why? Well even if that one mod might be worth it, is it worth the price you will have to pay when you have to spend at least 8 bucks (euro or dollar) to get it, thanks to the "credits system". Credits mind you that the terms of condition states that you have no rights when you buy, and can be removed, changed or whatever at any time. It also removes your lawful protection for purchases, such as refunds. In addition, while they claim to test content, they do not take any responsibility for the mods in any way (Again you can find this info in term of service).

Bethesda did implement one helpful feature to support the paid skins for you pipboy, but when you can get hundreds of better looking and free alternatives, why bother?

Creation club in its current form offers nothing to customers except those stuck on a console where these paid mods are the only option. For the rest of us, this is a clear anti-consumer move, where you are forced to enjoy extra unwanted content on your pc.

The biggest problem is the simple fact that you get nothing for paying. No safety, no insurances that the content works, no rights and the joy of being forced to purchase more credits than you need.
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Animated species of my disgusting little goblins.
Now with custom goblin sounds and less crashing!

(Mod should work fine even if it says it's outdated.)

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Regi Jan 28 @ 11:10am 
Wassup Bro, fed profil :cozyhoi4eagle:
ZPavelZ Mar 24, 2015 @ 6:32am 
I got Slaughtering Grounds, Bad Rats, Revelations and Secret of the Magic Crystals from bundles. But I can give you spare Bad Rats so that you wouldn't feel so bad about your collection. :)
|v£|Frozen DDD Jul 14, 2013 @ 3:24pm 
Hmm enjoying the steam sale while I can.