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Master of Cards

Play Horde Tactics.
Unlocked May 6 @ 8:09am


Survive The Gauntlet.
Unlocked May 6 @ 1:16pm

Decision Maker

Make a dialog decision.
Unlocked May 6 @ 7:23am

Blow 'Em Up

Destroy a Mercenary Wagon.
Unlocked May 6 @ 1:17pm

Sneaky Sneak

Walk in Sneak mode.
Unlocked May 6 @ 7:45am

Just Went Shopping

Equip a new item.
Unlocked May 6 @ 7:16am


Craft an item.
Unlocked May 26 @ 2:45am

Master Chef

Cook something.
Unlocked May 6 @ 7:55am

How I Met Your Nana

Complete the Story Campaign.
Unlocked May 26 @ 3:29am

Getting the Hang Of This

Reach level 5.
Unlocked May 6 @ 7:59am

Untapped Potential

Reach level 10.
Unlocked May 6 @ 1:27pm


Reach level 15.
Unlocked May 26 @ 3:07am

Size Doesn’t Matter

Defeat the Guardian.
Unlocked May 19 @ 3:29am

Totally Swamped

Defeat the Bog Beast.
Unlocked May 21 @ 4:41am

Hammer Time

Defeat Bob.
Unlocked May 26 @ 3:01am

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

Defeat Ron The Rammer.
Unlocked May 21 @ 4:24am

Is Anyone Out There?

Play the Wastelands mode.
Unlocked May 26 @ 3:29am

Over Nine Thousaaand

Earn over 9000 experience points.
Unlocked May 6 @ 8:01am

Hired Goon

Take the Mercenaries’ side.
Unlocked May 26 @ 3:14am

Lord of the Wastes

Reach level 20.

That’s What Friends Are For

Play a Multiplayer match.

My Savior!

Rescue a Survivor.


Complete your card collection.


Open a pack of cards.

Through Hell and Back

Complete the Story Campaign in Hard difficulty.


Shoot an explosive round at a basketball hoop.

Holy Scrap!

Take the Scrappers’ side.

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