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Personal Achievements

Triple Digits

Collect everything.

Environment Skipper

Visit every Fast Travel location.

No More Distractions

Finish the Main Quest.


Complete every Side Quest.


View every Lookout Point.

The True Experience

Catch every Fish.

Perfect Relationships

Say the perfect words in every Relationship.

What A View

Light every beacon.


Reforge every Legendary Weapon.

Impossible Odds

Conquer every Fortress.

Jump Quest Master

Collect every Feather.

Mask Collector

Collect every Mask.

The Best Animals

Catch every Herptile.


Read every Journal Entry.

For The Grind

Reach Lv 100.

Power Creep

Finish the Generalist Skill Tree.


Finish the Speed-Runner Skill Tree.

Master of Loading Screens

Finish the Completionist Skill Tree.

Counterfeit Decisions

Unlock every Skill.

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