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Assassinating the Assassins

You survived the night attack on Jamandi Aldori’s mansion. What a nice way to start your adventure!
Unlocked Feb 11, 2020 @ 8:16pm

No Country for Bandits

Clear the Stolen lands from bandit gangs and defeat the self-proclaimed bandit king.


You founded a barony in a wild, dangerous land. Good luck with that!

Fire. Or Acid

Stop the troll invasion.

Enemy Within

Solve the mystery and save your barony from an otherworldly threat.

V for...

Silence the voice of the lost empire.

Twice-born, Twice-beaten

Deal with the barbarian horde on your borders.

Hail to the King!

You are now the one and only ruler of your very own kingdom!

Neighborly Affairs

Deal with your fellow neighbor king and his appetite for your land.

Against All Odds

Travel to the mysterious realm of the fey and face your destiny.

Flaming Crown

Face and defeat the one final enemy.

First Results

Increase the rank of at least one kingdom stat.

Useful Instruments

Unlock all five additional kingdom stats and assign leaders to respective positions.

Prosperous Kingdom

Raise all kingdom stats to the 10th rank.

First in Collection

Obtain an outstanding gift from one of your royal artisans.

Admirer of Finer Things

Gather masterpiece works from all ten royal artisans.

Friend of Many

Succeed in three 'Kingdom as Companion' quests.


Claim all available regions.

Prosperous Conqueror

Claim all available regions and develop them to their maximum potential.

Intensive Development

Explore the Stolen Lands and find all resource locations.


Successfully solve 100 'opportunity' kingdom events.


Successfully solve 100 'problem' kingdom events.

Royal Rescue Service

Find and save Tig, poor lost child.

Bird of Prey

Win the main prize of the royal hunt fair and square, killing two magical beasts.

Deal with the Devil

Win the favor of the Order of the Rack. Or of their enemy.

Bloody Squirrels!

Get the grimoire from one remarkable hermit mage.

The Wise Way

Win the favor of the most mysterious mentor from the most mysterious monk order.


Recruit all available companions.


Succeed in all available companion quests and win the loyalty of your comrades.

Tale Of Days Long Gone

Collect all pieces of an ancient artifact and let the Storyteller reforge it for you.

Those Precious Tales

Gather all Storyteller's artifacts.

In My Heart

Find your love.

Yet Another Ancient Evil

Find and defeat the secret threat, locked in a magical prison in The Stolen Lands.


Live through 100 random attacks in the wild.

The Story's End

Win the game!

More Challenge, Please

Win the game, playing on 'Challenging rules' difficulty or above.

Iron King

Win the game, playing on Last Azlanti mode.

Forged in Blood

Win the game, playing on Unfair difficulty.

One Punch

Deal more than 150 damage with a single unarmed attack.

Now You Fall!

Knock down any creature that is 3 size categories larger than you.

Zen Archer

Inflict critical damage with a bow or crossbow while blinded.


Use in battle any spell with 5 metamagic modifications applied.

Slayer of Bears

In chapter 1, kill the bear in the Temple of the Elk with single level 2 character, playing on Hard difficulty or above.

Sinmarket's Best Customer

Make the fey merchant adore you.

Goblin Tears

Make the goblin merchant cry real tears.

God of Poetry

Help the goblins compose their warsong!

See You Yesterday!

Meet the legendary Eldest of Time three times. Or, rather, in three different times.

Nothing Left Behind

Leave any map, carrying 5000 lbs. without being encumbered.

Not What It Seems

Help the mysterious tiefling guest in her hunt for the ancient treasure.


Slay the Forefather.

A Job For A General

Resolve the first crisis in Varnhold's history.

That's Your Lot

Complete the "Varnhold's Lot" DLC campaign.

Lost And Found

Visit Lostlarn Keep while playing the main story campaign.

And The Murderer Is...

Uncover the secrets of the Blackstones Ford inn.

Apocalypse Can Wait

Find out the truth and eliminate the source of the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.

The Price You Pay

Find out the truth and eliminate the source of the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing the main campaign.


Reach the 10th dungeon level Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.

Into the Darkness

Reach the 30th dungeon level Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.

Depths Of Madness

Reach the 50th dungeon level Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.

Honest Looting

Help the Honest Guy to expand his assortment of goods by cleaning the dungeon from the most dangerous monsters.

A Memorable Moment

Die for the first time while playing 'Beneath the Stolen Lands' in a rogue-like mode.

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