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Personal Achievements


Defeat an elite enemy

Pest Control

Defeat Caor


Defeat a Treant

Bloody Tables

Defeat Fergus


Defeat a Golem

Final Form

Defeat the High Priestess


Defeat a Bulger

Lugus Reincarnated

Defeat Balor

Forever Fractured

Defeat the Lord of Time


Complete every level without taking damage


Complete every level without eating


Find all twenty collectibles

No Barrel Unbroken

Destroy every barrel in the game

The Lord of Time

Complete the time trial for every level

Social Butterfly

Talk to every NPC in the game

Red Bomber

Kill three enemies with one shot from the Buster Wand

Everybody Freeze

Freeze six enemies at once using Coldhart

Fire Hazard

Kill three enemies with flaming corpses left behind by Flametongue in a single level

Pink Mist

Kill five enemies with a death block in one level

Baba Yaga

Kill 20 enemies in 20 seconds


Kill an enemy in their invulnerable state

Treasure Hunter

Find the golden dino!

Arena Master

Beat 10 waves in Blood Henge

The Naked Man

Complete the campaign on naked mode