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DonRoxon: Rumble tournaments streams used to be handled great, i was impressed that Mr. Pillow can detach from his usual self and act in professional manner. But after today's stream I can see that I gave him too much credit.

FAWX: Being cringy just comes naturally to MrPillow, I think.

Linn: omg pillow is so good i wish my future kids could be like pillow! :))))))))))))

sviper: Yea he's cool. Unlike MrPillow...

Chip Skylark III: mrpillow, I'll play you for even 100 euros, cause i know youre that trash in the game

shizz: i forgot to compliment him on his coco
shizz: i was truly impressed with his balls

Skip: I just want you kids [referring to me] to know, you’re the reason mobas and competitive games as a whole are like this, yet you do absolutely nothing to improve it, you just add more fuel to the fire.

niki: in atlanta they say "y'all" which translates to "you will always be loved" and i think that's beautiful

eddster: i've had to claim that the tech support volunteer thing i do is much more effort than it really is
MrPillow: LOL
MrPillow: fuck i never thought about that
MrPillow: u actualyl have that on your resume???
eddster: of course i do
MrPillow: ronimo tech support volunteer?
eddster: what the fuck else am i going to put

DonRoxon: i dont see the world in black and white
DonRoxon: but i have recognised a pattern in [readcted]'s behaviour
DonRoxon: everytime he talks shit about someone, and i presume he does that frequently, and someone who he didnt mean it for hears it, he just says he wasnt serious and then he compliments the person
DonRoxon: i quess i would respect him more if he standed behind his word
DonRoxon: but at the same time i can appreciate the gesture
DonRoxon: why am i telling you all this you ask?
DonRoxon: i hope i'll find out the answer myself one day

slevens: pillow on mic is like an anime villain

TacoHutPizzaBell: also i got water in my space b ar earl ier s othisis ha pen ni ng n o w

Mr. Manager: idk why
Mr. Manager: but i imagined you as a pussy slayer
Mr. Manager: like some rich very handsome southerner
Mr. Manager: who just slammed hot girls night in and night out
Mr. Manager: that was my perception of u for some reason

slevenss: nick wanna duo
slevenss: i could do with some na lag rn

ballsack21: i like how pillows aim as rocco is better than 90% of ppl with m/kb

$ T-Money $: I have no respect for rocket players. I see you have the 250 win Voltar medal. Would have much preferred to see that.

that time i queued into slevens and we're both skolldir, i get axethrowing trophy and slow throw
slevens: you would disrespect ancient Skoll mirror traditions with your NA fuckery

vofffer: I'd rather listen to this for an entire stream than listen to she thinks my tractor's sexy even one more time

TacoHutPizzaBell: nfart
TacoHutPizzaBell: sry i cant see well the monitor is reallly far away and i dont have glasses on i hope it says fart

Marshmellow Fox: I think people who bind taunt to another in-game control key are pathetic, passive-aggressive man-children with no real-world ability or accomplishments, whose only joy in life is mildly annoying the dwindling population of a 2D MOBA-lite.

erabosu: alright, I've made it so that whenever someone says "sexytractor" it will automatically request she thinks my tractors sexy

Oakie: Pillow is garbage but jess and paulo and blah offer to carry his ass all the time thats why he annoys me

Oakie: play in your region pillow

Oakie: stop playing with jorve spamming dizzy, fucktard

bodyhunter: Alright, last game
bodyhunter: im pulling an eddster
bodyhunter: missing easy kills

MrPillow: thatll be $20
shizz: shizz is not offline
shizz: now*
shizz: FUCK
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You're awesome don't forget that.
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