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Early Access Review
A sad day for RA fans.
Its obvious this game was made to cash in on the fact that Battlebots is now back on air.

The game is low quality and feels rushed. There are gameplay problems that werent existent in RA2. The stock bots are built in such a way they clip through there own components during firing. Wacking a wall sends your bot flying.
Options within pause menu does nothing.
In MP I was unable to start a session after 20 minutes. People join and dont ready up, you create a lobby for 2 players and 3 join. Theres no option to kick anyone, no servers appeared for me but people did join mine. The controls are setup for console for some reason. Icons are terrible quality and the whole game is under 400mb. Component selection is lacking. Really dissapointed by this, had very high hopes but this game exists only to take advantage of a re-emerging community.
Posted May 26, 2016.
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A classic reinvented
Posted January 23, 2014.
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