Le Jiříček^^
Jiříček :3   Ostrava, Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic
Hello, I am Jiříček^^:spycon:
First i want to tell you something about me
I'm a steam user for 6 years.

Things I like and dislike
There are alot of things I dislike and very few things I like so... lets write only things I like!

First thing I like above everything else is my car Peugeot 207 sw which is for now the thing I care about most. I do every maintenance and little repairs by myself (and also spend a most of cash I earn on that :steamhappy:).

Second thing I like are people around me. Nothing else to say, they help me every time I need and I appreciate it :)

And the third thing is - Hmm, after a lot of thinking I cant find anything else than this- My personal belongings such as laptop, phone etc! :steamfacepalm:

The things Im afraid of : Boredom

My favorite quote is: If I could feed on boredom, I wouldn't need anything else to eat. -Le Jiříček^^

Please do not talk to me about religion . I am sick of discussing this. Why do you even care about religion when you are on Steam?
God is something invented by people who wanted to control others. Commoners always needed something to believe in and people who were clever used this against them and created God thanks to whom they gained power equal to the power of the kings. Maybe even greater power, because even kings feared church. To sum it up, there is no God . There is only You .

If you will +rep me after the trade, i will automatically do the same! :3
If you want to send me a trade offer, just click here

Thanks for reading! :3
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TheFrancis[CZ] Nov 2 @ 9:30am 
byl jsem tu, - Francis
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Mám rád♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
dee0 Sep 1 @ 3:02am 
Jiřice, ty naše hvězdice :acbutterfly::Loving:
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I'm not anyone's grandpa :P
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+rep mr niceguy
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i sold the flare gun sry