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Earth 25 de Abr às 21:40 
Hey you seem to know a lot about Payday so a question. Do the new armor and weapon skins that come with the Immortal mask count as steam items? Or are they reset if you say reset your payday 2 file? Or do they stick around after a reset? I'm confused. Sorry.
LittleTradingFella™ 16 de Abr às 0:20 
Would like to add to discuss about my ban on tf2outpost
FazHound 18 de Mar às 13:55 
Bug report: Berserker increases the damage of grenade and rocket launchers when this shouldn't be possible
=BP$= Papierwanze 15 de Fev às 7:40 
Yeah but could be still there just was asking.
Cause i would realy love to geht one oft those mask.
[] Fifooo 14 de Fev às 15:32 
Dude the thread you have read was 1 year old
=BP$= Papierwanze 14 de Fev às 14:41 
I would like to play a heist with you for the Mega Sidney Mask. Is that possible?