game enthusiast and embarrassing nerd
i like fighting games, rpgs, writing, shooters, third-person action games, the color pink, nerdy shit, and nerdy people
seriously, add me - rara_#0732

favorite games in no real order:
street fighter v
street fighter third strike
worlds adrift
dark souls (franchise)
dead by daylight
for honor
dragon ball fighterz
quake champions
rivals of aether

anime i've watched:
soul eater
dragon ball z kai
dragon ball super
one punch man [hands down fav]
jojo's bizzare adventure
death note

i don't really like the stuff that isn't silly and dumb tbh
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I often say “If you only want to make a game that’s balanced, you can do it tomorrow.” This is goofy way of explaining it, but take Tekken for instance, sure there might be a difference between playing on 1P or 2P side, but if the only playable character was Kazuya, then theoretically the game would be balanced. But if you do this and say “Well, that’s not fun,” then the topic changes. Even though we were supposed to be talking about balance, these feelings come out. - Katsuhiro Harada, Producer of Tekken

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Jyushimatsu Aug 11 @ 2:18am 
you're stuck with me, aint it beautiful:msfortune:
rara Aug 11 @ 1:25am 
you scare away all of the potential friends i could make
Jyushimatsu Jul 29 @ 12:02am 
My German Shepard and I have this weird relationship. Sometimes, I like to put his collar around my neck and let him take the leash in his mouth. I walk around on all fours as he guides me through the house, wagging his tail. For some reason... this really turns me on. I know it shouldn't, but the idea of me being the pet and him being the owner feels so good. Also, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but uh... if he's a really good boy, I-I'll occasionally let him mount me.
Reality's Stranglehold Jun 27 @ 12:37am 
gg bro
RaynorsRaider Jun 26 @ 10:43pm 
Channler's trident!? Lucky...gg
Cobalt™ Jun 21 @ 10:10pm 
Despicable Me is actually a VERY good movie because there is a scene in Act I where the three orphan girls are about to go to sleep, and they say their bedtime prayers, meaning that they are very good Christian girls who respect God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This also means that the girls (like all good followers of the Christian faith) will most likely also enlighten the Minions about Jesus' holy teachings, delivering the Minions from evil and exposing them to the right path of the One True God. This puts Despicable Me right below my favorite movie of all time, which is God's Not Dead 2 directed by respected God-fearing directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon.