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In topic Friendly reminder
That's just something Steam does whenever a game has multiple launch options, not just VR. It's been a thing for ages. Some games have configuration files accessible this way (other than opening the executable from within the folder it's at), others may have different branches. It's not common, but not exclusive to VR either.

I think there might be launch options which disable this prompt. But also, if you crate a desktop icon and launch the game that way, you won't get the prompt. If you want to keep your desktop area clean, I'd recommend looking into Fences.
Originally posted by TermFox7:
Nraas Overwatch and Register

How to disabled animal (except for family pets) appears in the world.
1.Click on [Computer] or [City Hall].
2.NRaas > Overwatch > Settings > Stop Pet Adoption [False] to [True].
3.NRaas > Register > Animal Control > Settings all them to [0].
4.If you turn on [Enable Story Progression] in your game > Options... > No mark on Pets and Horses.

Hope this helps you. :)
Awesome! So I might get the EP after all. One thing, though: this disables all non-household animals, including critters? I don't have the game open right now, but I imagine at least one of this menus might have an option to disable just horses?
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In topic Bigger Farming Base
Yes. There are mods which extend the limit by quite a lot, though. I'm using one and it works flawlessly. I'm not even having lag yet, even though I'm now decorating my base with a bunch of trinkets.

Here it is:
That's also an enhanced 3D version of the 1.0 radar. Was I the only one who noticed it? It does look much better than the previous design, though. Much easier to read.
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In topic Base visibility in game modes?
IIRC, bases can only be seen in the same game mode. I'm not sure about featured bases, but I wouldn't doubt it if those were built on normal, even the craziest ones. Stranger things have happened.

I think you can triangulate a position by using the signal booster. You do that once during the Artemis Path and I believe that might've been a sort of tutorial on how to go about triangulating your position whenever you want. It's not that simple a process and I don't really know how to go about it, but I have seen people talking about it and even giving instructions on how to do it.
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In topic Nike is a bad word?
the censor in this game is just terrible. That happens. NMS isn't the first game to have this problem and probably won't be the last. You could try turning it off, though. Maybe that'll do the trick.
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In topic Recommended for 2 players?
NMS today is a completely different beast than when it first came out. Some even consider the Next update to be a soft sequel of sorts, with how much was overhauled in addition to proper multiplayer. And then Beyond expanded multiplayer even further.

Yes, I believe NMS is great for multiplayer. I haven't tried building joint bases since Next (back then we didn't have too much freedom, tho), but there are options to allow other players to make changes to your base.

I didn't get a chance to play ED yet, but from what I know about it, I can tell you that NMS is much easier to get into. It has its problems as well, but it's not nearly as intimidating as ED. Some of its mechanics might be overwhelming, but everything is very simple and easy to understand. And also, you can explore properly without being confined to your ship and hover crafts. Granted, there are limitations due to the procedural generation, but the game is very expansive even after you feel like you've seen it all.
Third person, and I was very happy that they added it. But when I'm in space specifically, I use first person as it's easier to tag (the whole tagging mechanic is optimized for fisrt person when in your ship) and to keep track of the fuel. And because some ship cockpits look really cool.

I'll say though, they should add a command to change between both perspectives without having to open the quick menu. It's quite a hassle and the reason why I avoid using first person in most situations.
Horses don't work properly in Isla Paradiso, I get it. I'm just curious how exactly that happens. Do horses spawn all around the map like in other towns, and so they get stuck on house boats on their own; or do they only get stuck if you're playing on a house boat and get a horse for the family?

Is there any way to disable horses for Isla Paradiso without uninstalling Pets (e.g. a mod or something)? Perhaps there might be a setting in one of the nraas mods that remove all horses from the map?
Originally posted by ♫ Sunshine ♫:
Just curious, because i know poe is still very lively, and that's without a doubt the best game to compare this to
I don't think comparing a single-player game to an online one is the best comparison. They might both be good ARPGs, but that's quite unfair considering online are constantly receiving updates whereas single-player games will run out of content at some point (or in the case of something such as NMS, content becomes repetitive and redundant after some time).
Jan 24 @ 7:28pm
In topic Get rid of the base worker missions
No, you can't remove those missions. I could be wrong, but I think you can avoid them in a new playthrough.
Jan 24 @ 11:43am
In topic Patches and Additions
I think you're asking if the DLCs are worth it? In short, yes. The game is very empty without them, especially DotN. The season pass DLCs aren't groundbreaking or anything, but they do add content. DotN adds a whole new map and two dungeons, so there's that.

I'm not sure what you wanna know regarding PVP. Anyway, it's a wasteland. It's too laggy for it to be enjoyable (multiplayer in general is), so no one plays it. You shouldn't get this game for multiplayer as you'd be sorely disappointed.
Jan 23 @ 9:13pm
In topic Mod Suggestions
I think it all depends on your personal tastes. In order to make your sims prettier, for example, you're gonna have to install some skins and hairstyles, maybe even eyebrows and eyes. And you might also have to spend a good amount of time on CAS. There are a few additional sliders, however, that might improve CAS as they give more control over the sim's look.

Just one thing: if you want mods that look like they could've been made by the devs, look for Maxis-match CC. Otherwise, Alpha CC is the way to go (and also where you'll find most of the prettier stuff).

Some websites: (HUGE mod repository covering all Sims iterations. Recommended adblock to navigate.) (Another mod repository, but smaller than TSR. It does have some stuff not available at TSR, though.) (This one is more of a search engine for Sims mods. The links there can take you anywhere from the aforementioned repositories to Tumblr to websites dedicated to CC.) (Essential mods. You should definitely install Overwatch and MasterController at the very least. There are plenty of useful mods there, though, such as StoryProgression and Woohooer.)

There's a plethora of other Sims-focused sites out there, but I think you'll find quite a lot of stuff on Tumblr. Not that that's a blast to navigate, but a lot of modders flock there to this day.
Jan 23 @ 8:52pm
In topic are we ever going to get...
Originally posted by marstinson:
Originally posted by Peno11:
Sims 2 stuff was on Origin until, I believe, mid-2013. Interestingly, it disappeared from Origin at about the same time Sims 4 was announced and I don't think it was a coincident.

Yeah, I remember that somewhere around that time (2014-ish?) EA had Sims 2 Ultimate Collection as an on-the-house download (doesn't include Castaway, I don't think). I never installed it as I was a bit wrapped up in Sims 3, but it's still in my Origin library.
Oh man. I thought we either had to pay for it or use an existing serial key from a retail copy, so I didn't even bother making an Origin account back then. That sucks. Well, serves me right...
Originally posted by Barney Lee II:
... The Sims: Castaway????? Doubtful VERY doubtful but one can hope (and to all those who think otherwise it was not just a psp/ps release it came to pc as well)
Yeah, extremely unlikely. Honestly, I don't see them reviving any Sims games at this point with 4 about to get to Steam and 5's announcement potentially around the corner. I think more spin-offs would be interesting, though. There sure are Sims 3 and 4 expansions that would've done just fine as standalone releases, especially 4 with its focus on story-driven packs.
1. Kinda pointless considering the ArFA-sys is a customizable character much like the PC. The closest we come to that are the hero quests, and they make sense since you have to play with an establish loadout with no way to change it.

2. You mean like a roguelike? That'd be interesting. It wouldn't have to be co-op, though, and I think it'd be better off as single player content. The game has a lot of problems, some of which can lead to premature deaths that are more bs than the player being bad. It's one of the reasons why most people run the Special Invitation quests on their own, even if they're in a party.

3. I don't see the point in that, especially considering in co-op the entire party has a life pool.
Jan 21 @ 11:28pm
In topic DLC date?
They never gave a date, so I don't really know where you people got January from. All we have is Q1. So sit back and wait.
Originally posted by Aya Shameimaru:
The mentality i have with GEVS not being on PC is that with the Steam Community's unwillingness to support their favourite devs when it isn't convenient for them, Bandai Namco Studios' PC games are selling the bare minimum required to tell the developers to continue their PC support. GEVS' announcement is likely indicative that the bare minimum isn't enough anymoe and Tales of Arise's success is a lot more important to Code Vein, Tekken 7, SoulCalibur VI and Idolmaster than people would like to think.
What is this "VS," even? Google doesn't seem to have anything on it. And what platform is it on?

Bandai doesn't care much for their PC userbase because Japan is still very much console-centered despite how relevant PC gaming has become to the Japanese gaming industry (otherwise, we wouldn't even be having this conversation because CV would probably be a PS4 exclusive and we'd just have to live with that). Add to the fact that we're dealing with Japanese developers and anime games are a niche genre and they got very little reason to listen to us, which is why you and everyone else (justifiably so) have a beef with Bandai when it comes to issues and QOL improvements that should be made but they never even acknowledge them.

I've always said that the best way to reach out to Bandai in a meaningful way is by posting on Japanese forums. Most of their developers are Japanese and unfortunately, Japan isn't one of those nations where most people speak English—even though they use a lot of English words in their vocabulary and they have a whole section of kana dedicated to foreign words. So all the feedback and feature requests we have are just wasted. Forum moderators might see them, but they can't do nothing about. The devs themselves will never see our requests unless they're also issues with the Japanese public, in which case they'll either fix the issue if it's easy to fix or will wait until a sequel to address it.

But of one thing we can all be sure: if there's a Bandai game on PC, it's gonna receive great post-launch support where content is concerned. And these devs being the same that worked on GE doesn't change that. At the end of the day, they have to answer to Bandai as a whole and when it comes to the company as a whole, they have a good track record when it comes to content drops.

So really, your concern is not necessary. If you were asking whether they'll change how multiplayer works, however, I'd tell that that's very unlikely in this game and that we better wait for the sequel. I'd love for them to prove me wrong, but again, Bandai as a company doesn't have a good rap with that for the reasons I've stated.
Jan 21 @ 3:24pm
In topic Temtem early access is now available!
It is a bit expensive at R$66. Not even ESO costs that much. Think I'll wait until it's out of early access...
Jan 21 @ 2:25pm
In topic Hope they add daggers in DLC
Daggers sound fun. Adding to that, I'd love dual wielding daggers, but we hold one of them backwards. Or a sword/dagger combo where the dagger is off-hand.
Jan 21 @ 2:22pm
In topic Cancelling Distress Signal :V
I never had problems connecting to random people, other than the fact that the distress signal system is awful. You're probably having problems because the mechanics itself is terrible, not because there's a lack of players.

And they're already given us a window for the DLC releases, so chill. But if you're gonna be that impatient and frustrated at everything the game isn't, you might as well play something else. It's very unlikely that a lot will change until they release a potential sequel.
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