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   „I'm sorry, but I don't want  to be a ruler of the world, because that's not in me. I don't   want to   rule,
   nor do I want to conquer  anyone, but I want to   help  everyone  wherever I can. The  Jews, the Gen-
   tiles, the colored people, the white   people. Each person  should help the  other, only in this way  we    improve   the world. We should  share in each other's  happiness  and not  detest each  other. Hatred
   and  contempt  will never  bring us  closer. In  this  world  there  is room  enough  for  everyone, and
   Mother Earth is rich enough to satisfy each of us.

                   :dealstars:  Life can be so joyful and wonderful. We just have to learn to live it again. :dealstars:

   Greed  has buried  the  good  in man, and  ill-will has  poisoned  souls and  led us  in  parade-step to    corruption  and  bloodguilt. We have  developed  the speed  but inwardly  we  have stopped. We  let    machines work  for us and they also  think for us. Cleverness  has made us arrogant, and  our know-    ledge cold and  hard. We speak too much and feel too little. But first comes humanity and only then
   the machines. Before wisdom and knowledge comes tolerance and kindness.

                          :dealstars: Without humanity and charity our existence is not worth living. :dealstars:

   Aeroplane  and radio  have brought  us closer together. These  inventions  have  built a   bridge, from    human  to  human. They  require  an  all-encompassing  brotherhood  so  that  we   all  become  one.
   Millions of people in the world can hear my voice right now. Millions of desperate   people, victims of
   a system  that has  made it  its business to  torture  innocent people  and put   them   in  chains. To all
   those  who hear me now, I  call out: you must not  despair! Even the bitter  suffering that  has   come
   upon  us  is  transitory. The  men who  today trample  on humanity will not always  be around.   Their
   cruelty dies with them, and also their hatred. The freedom they have taken from people will then be    returned to them.

                     :dealstars: Even if it costs blood and tears, no sacrifice is too great for freedom.” :dealstars:

                                                                                                          — Charlie Chaplin [ Adenoid Hynkel ]
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reij Mar 23 @ 9:31pm 
Your profile is so.... COOL!!!!!
💗VNessBee💗 Mar 20 @ 1:55am 
Beautiful profile! Love it! :sparkleheart:


I know this message will not apply to 90% of my friends, but given the amount of accounts being compromised, I still believe it is necessary to highlight the plague infecting Steam.

It appears that the standard "phishing/keylogger" scams have evolved past the "vote for my friends team," with many falling victim to the new(ish) "$10 or $50 Steam gift activation scam," with the creation of new domains that look very similar to the "steamcommunity" we all recognise as legitimate (slight spelling variations include "steamcomnnunity, staemcommunity or "steamcomnunnity" ).

Gaming is often an incredible way to relax, lose yourself, and(or) chill with friends.
Please DON'T allow these deplorable cretins access to your Steam account.

rx- Mar 8 @ 8:39am 
闺蜜想找个 的加我 片 先 :maple2:
milky⁧⁧away.. Feb 28 @ 1:42pm 
milky⁧⁧away.. Feb 28 @ 1:40pm