I swear I'm a good man.

That's what it's like to lose a woman. And at a certain time, losing one woman means losing all women.

Only Men Without Women can comprehend how painful, how heartbreaking it is to become one. You lose that wonderful west wind. Fourteen is stolen away from you forever. (A billion years should count as forever.) The far-off, weary lament of the sailors. The bottom of the sea, with the ammonites and coelacanths. Calling someone's house past one a.m. Getting a call after one a.m. from a stranger. Waiting for someone you don't know somewhere between knowledge and ignorance. Tears falling on the dry road as you check the pressure of your tires.

It’s a long novel, and the author has to have at least one character he loves unconditionally. - Murakami

That's alright, I don't want you to come. You understand, don't you?
Of course I did. I talk too much, without thinking.
I still love you. But I guess that's not the point now is it.


"Alone With Everybody" - Charles Bukowski
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