Kristine Linnea   Larvik, Vestfold, Norway
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and weeks went by but felt like hours
spring would lie in summer showers
in my hair were winter flowers

Owner on Pandemic dodgeball || rip pdc 2014-2016 u will kinda be missed
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read this I guess?
Hello friends, my name is Kristine but lots of people call me Kine.
if you like good streamers you should check me out and realise im not in that category
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Anyway, if you want to add me, please comment down below before you do so. There's gotta be a reason for it, because I cant accept everyone I'm sorry :Heartyou:

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quote wall

(me gettin accused for being too good )

Windows Excel: our merc said this:
Anon - Today at 10:06 PM
tbh she is actualy using a aimlock, not that mutch but she is
Hoxtilicious - Today at 10:06 PM
they improved a lot
@Anon for real?
you trolling me now
tk4em - Today at 10:06 PM
Why would she use aimlock in dm too, dont get taht
Anon - Today at 10:06 PM
@Hoxtilicious check the demo, thats not legit anymore at some point

12:32 - dd: I've been studying you..
12:32 - unicornowl: woah
12:32 - dd: NOT In a weird way
12:32 - unicornowl: lmao

13:56 - cloudy: your profile is cringe
13:56 - unicornowl: thanks
13:56 - cloudy: npnp
13:56 - cloudy: like 1 chatlog
13:56 - cloudy: the rest is ok
13:56 - unicornowl: i know but i dont have friends
13:56 - cloudy: yes u do
13:57 - cloudy: unless i count as future husband

15:34 - [Salty-SS] Dr.WobbleX: got my first payment from my aprentship yesterday ^^
15:35 - unicornowl: nice
15:35 - [Salty-SS] Dr.WobbleX: thank you for the compliment :) you are hot too :)
15:35 - unicornowl: ??
15:36 - [Salty-SS] Dr.WobbleX: you said nice
15:36 - [Salty-SS] Dr.WobbleX: i replay

00:02 - huddler: why aren't i on your chat log wall
00:02 - unicornowl: well
00:02 - unicornowl: ur just not
00:02 - huddler: oh

17:34 - cloudy: how confident are you peeing standing up
17:36 - unicornowl: very not confident
17:42 - cloudy: i've witnessed a girl pissing into a urinal before
17:42 - cloudy: and she made it look pretty easy
17:45 - unicornowl: interesting

12:18 - silves: Hiya
12:18 - unicornowl: hi im lavas mum
12:18 - silves: Oh no way
12:19 - silves: Fucking wicked

13:24 - unicornowl: ur gay
13:24 - HamajiNeo: :(

17:17 - RNTenant: May I join in?
17:17 - unicornowl: sure
17:18 - RNTenant: Thank you.
17:29 - RNTenant: What the...

22:21 - unicornowl: left u a nice note
22:22 - Thaigrr: yea
22:22 - Thaigrr: thats
22:22 - Thaigrr: something
22:22 - Thaigrr: thanks
22:22 - Thaigrr: i dont like dick
22:22 - Thaigrr: but i appreciate it
22:22 - unicornowl: np babe

22:25 - cloudy: im a unicornowl fanboy now

HamajiNeo: unicorn is one of the better twitch tf2 streamers at least imo

seal: wdada

0mger: it's funny how you, the girl gamer sniper main is doing better in tf2 than me
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unusual team reks noobs :^)
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Mystic 15 hours ago 
$AI\/I|1 😭🙏 15 hours ago 
hey you nigger what happened to that unusual giveaway I supposedly won
Mystic Jul 20 @ 7:33pm 
A n i m e isn't t r a s h
best line in the game
Lava | bg5.tf Jul 20 @ 10:30am 
I love dogs
Grandpa Hue Jul 20 @ 10:28am 
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