Bunnyboy :3
Lucas   Oak Park, Illinois, United States
crab_f: uni
crab_f: you know
crab_f: some day
crab_f: i just wanna
crab_f: anger fuck you
crab_f: like you know what i mean
crab_f: i wont enjoy it and you might be in a lot of pain
crab_f: but the latter makes it good
crab_f: know what im sayin

blinxy: scrub adubdub furfag in the tub

Puffalo: Gonna hunt for some pussy

tumblr tramp: my dick smells like an enchilada

Competitive Experience:

S21 Open Sherlock Homies, Pocket
S22 Open Bring Back the Funk, Pocket
S23 Open Bring Back the Funk, Pocket
S24 IM Bring Back the Funk, Pocket/ Open grapeSquad, Pocket 3rd place
S25 OpIM Power Surge, Pocket Top 8
S26 Sub for ???


S14 Steel Magical Dragons of Dustbowl, Soldier
S15 Steel Magical Dragons of Dustbowl, Soldier
S16 Silver Unwanted Spy Main Corportation, Soldier
S17 Silver Beats Headphones by Dr Dre by Dr Arc, Soldier
S18 Gold Shadowballlllllll, Soldier
S19 Gold(rip)/Silver The Bullet Club, Soldier
S20 Gold Dedoris, Soldier 2nd Place
S21 Platinum Dedoris, Soldier
S22 Silver Bepis Boys, Demoman/ Platinum Chill Penguins, Soldier sub
S23 Platinum East Jabib, Sub

UGC 6s:

S18 No Brakes, Pocket
S19 Cutie Pies, Roamer

UGC 4s:
S6 Pillsbury Dogeboys
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princess Jun 19 @ 4:26am 
happy hlpug late birthday
wish Jun 19 @ 4:25am 
Happy late birthday
wish Jun 13 @ 12:34am 
you smell like me? ah, you must smell very nice !!
princess May 27 @ 10:56pm 
Listen up, baiters. This here is a four-time HLPugs.tf Pug Winner, multi-class, ultimate captain. You will never find a weeb whom makes HLPugs quake more than yours truly. This profile (and pft, like i need one) is to represent my sheer superiority and higher captain elo. You know nothing of my gamer wit, and with it I will smite you on any map: koth, payload, 5cp, or a/d. Don't believe me? Too bad, I don't take MGE appointments, and I sure as hell never read your pitiful messages. So, here's the deal, kid. If I'm online, don't you ever @ me in chat. It won't even work because I've got Exa_ | HLPugs.tf in my back pocket, and he custom designed my HLPugs.tf website skin so I could work faster, harder, and better than all of you half-wits.

Use my profile as a creed. You should love it, memorize it, and embody it. But, just know you will never achieve the inner power in which I've developed and mastered.

Good luck, loser. I'll see you in platinum playoffs. (If you make it.)
crab_f ✿♥ May 21 @ 12:55pm 
Unicorn_Wizard - Today at 2:28 PM
I wanna fuck some crustaceans

furry confirmed