Lt. Scout
Sam   Lexington-fayette, Kentucky, United States

Tired of the assholes in the trading community, but I'm glad to have met so many kind and unique people in my trading career. Take care all.

A lot of people used to ask for my opinion on trades, whether it be unusuals or normal items. Even though I don't really trade too much anymore, you can still ask me a price check or if a trade is fair or not. However, I will charge you one refined if you interrupt me while I am in game for a Price check.

"HI! Billy Mays here! Tired of getting arrows to the knees and ending up patrolling the streets of villages while your cousin is out fighting dragons? Well it's time to put a sword through your worries and get yourself the new "Anti-Arrow Kaboom Knee Spray". Just one spray will keep the arrows away. With the magic of the College of Winterhold enchanted in every bottle, Just one spray before every battle and your knees are safe from striking arrows and adventure concluding incidents."

Story times below:

Talking about Consoles:
arand: i suck with the controllers
Lt. Scout: meh, it's all in the thumbs. Kids who grow up playing nintendo games are something like 50% more steady surgeons or something like that
arand: lmao
Lt. Scout: I read that like 3 years ago and it stuc
Lt. Scout: stuck*
arand: personally i wouldnt want a guy who spent half his life killing bowser replace my pancreas
arand: im not sure a pancreas can be replaced, but whatever
Lt. Scout: that's what makes it even funnier
Lt. Scout: except for people with diabetes
Lt. Scout: then it's sad

Broker business, now re-opened.
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Important Information!

About me:
TF2Outpost Moderator
Veteran trader; spent thousands of hours on trading forums (Haloburner/hal0burner is my forum name, SOP & SPUF mainly)
Veteran Broker: Add me for my services. Rules posted at the bottom of the note.
Former large scale unusual broker and price checker: and
Steam Account formed in April, 2011
Worked on the original TF2 Spreadsheet (unusuals and regular items) for 6 months (early to mid 2012).
I take payment through PayPal, but you can get MoneyPak if need be. You'll need to send me a photo of the code.
PayPal Verified
Among the first 1000 people to sign in and use TF2 Outpost (User #810)
Admin of RavenRaffles- Come check us out! Unusual trader server!

My rep thread:

Outpost Page:

Trade Offer Link:

| steamname: Lt. Scout
| steam3ID: [U:1:80448818]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:40224409
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:


I'll post the basic rules here:

1. YOU KEEP THE ITEM(S)!!- I do not wish to hold on to the items, in case you find the deal you are looking for, or you do not trust me. THIS IS A MUST! I will only hold the item if you specifically ask me to. Otherwise, you will hold the items until I find your desired trade. I will tell the person to add you and inform you of their name so you are prepared for them.

2. MY ITEM RANGE- My item range extends from weapons up to high tier unusuals. I've had experience at almost all levels of trading, so do not be afraid to ask me to sell your unusual(s). In fact, unusuals are my preferred type of item to broker for. I will, however, not broker weapons for the most part, unless they are rare vintage weapons (i.e. Fan o War, Concheror, etc.).

3. HOW LONG YOU SHOULD EXPECT- It really depends on the item. Most unusuals can take from a week to a month to sell, while most Non-vintage and Vintage hats take from 30 minutes to 36 hours. Promos (buds, bill's, max's) usually go in about 15 seconds if the price is fair/under market value (not kidding).

4. PAYMENT- PAYMENT IS NOT REQUIRED, BUT APPRECIATED QUITE A BIT! You can pay me whatever you feel like, or not at all. If you were pleased by the results of my service, than I encourage you to tip. If not, please tell me what I did wrong and what you'd like to see in the future.

5. CONTACTING ME- You can reach me at:
Or simply post here with your steam ID or PM me with it and I will get to you. I would appreciate you telling what you are trading before adding me, or put the items you wish to trade with your Steam ID. Note: I WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN PROFILE!

6. MANNERS- I will always be as polite as possible to you, and I encourage you to be polite as well. If you are repeatedly being rude to me, I merely stop helping you find the trade you want. Remember, you'd lose nothing from my walking away and I would have wasted my time. So please be polite and patient!

I have PLENTY of rep on SPUF and my own community page. I have known and befriended plenty of big name traders in the past, and I'd like to say that most of them will vouch for my services. If you have any questions, feel free to post here and then add me! Thanks so much guys, have a good one!

P.S. Join our group on steam!

Being as that I am only one person, the most I can serve at once is 3 people.



PAST SUCCESSFUL SALES (item and price)
Specialized Killstreak Carbonado Sticky, Daffodil Sheen: sold for 15 refined.

Electrostatic Hard Counter and Smoke Panama: Sold for 27 keys

Pro Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster: sold for 4.5 keys

Purchased 115 Keys for $210 USD with a client's money.

KaW Anger Sold for 3 buds 8 keys:
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