Vinh Gas, President of Penisland   Pau, Aquitaine, France
I code stuff and eat sausage.

If you need to add me to talk about something, please leave a message in my profile so I know what you're here for. Thanks!
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Area51guard Sep 13 @ 11:03am 
But seriously thank you for creating antibirth and repentance, great developer :praisesun:
Area51guard Sep 13 @ 10:43am 
You are gay
Foohy Jul 25 @ 9:29am 
I've added you cause i need to talk about tf2 items
relt Jul 11 @ 5:34am 
you know the wiremod microphone that you made right?
so. could you make so it detects raw waveforms? please.
Bren Jul 7 @ 2:52pm 
Just wanted to thank you personally for the iron bomber. That's all :)
Infinte Jul 3 @ 5:46pm 
I Need your help modeling for gamebanana.