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Do you really know roguelikes?
A few turn-based roguelikes popped up recently on Steam and I see a lot of reviews mention things like "this roguelike is unique and different because it is turn-based". This can't but make me smile because, see, I was a fan of roguelikes before they became all the rage on Steam and before it was cool (yes, I'm a hipster :P).

And here's the part that I find funny: the original Rogue [www.roguebasin.com] and all classic Rogue-likes are all turn-based! The first game to translate the Rogue concepts of "randomly generated levels" and "randomly generated items you sometimes need to identify" into real-time was Diablo and its imitators, which strangely were not called roguelikes. The current wave which this time carried the name started with Spelunky. Here's a nice recap of roguelike history: http://www.usgamer.net/articles/the-gateway-guide-to-roguelikes

My best roguelikes before the whole craze started on Steam were (and still are):
- Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup [crawl.develz.org] (great balance, incredible content, great UI for advanced players)
- DoomRL [drl.chaosforge.org] (smooth play, feels like Doom despite the turns!)
- Nethack [www.nethack.org] (crazy interactions between all the game mechanics)
- IVAN [attnam.com] (horribly hard and funny: dismemberment, silly transformations)
- BRogue [sites.google.com] (cool dungeons, close to the simplicity of the original Rogue)

Classical roguelikes are starting to get on Steam, too:
- Ananias - clean, stripped down design, great if you want something less intimidatingly complex to get into the genre.
- TOME - I can vouch for this one, it's fun and insanely complex but deviates somewhat from the formula, with the ID game gone and a static overworld.
- ADOM - great reputation, but I've not played it yet.
- Caves of Qud - up and coming and very popular, not tried yet.
- Cogmind - sci-fi, you play a robot that can replace its parts. Deviates a lot from the classic formula, but fun with better than average UI and slick looks.
- Dungeons of Dredmor - way too grindy for my taste, and crafting overload, but you might like the insane humor and classes.
- Golden Krone Hotel - vampire roguelike with mechanics based around light and transformations. Had a hard time getting into this one, want to try again.

So if you like the idea of a turn-based roguelike, just dive in! You're sure to find your match. There are thousands of hours of fun waiting.

More roguelikes in the traditional turn-based fashion are being made all the time and there's even an annual "7-day roguelike" coding competition.
Here's a good site to follow new releases and explore the existing ones: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
By theme: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=List_of_Roguelikes_by_Theme
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0.9 Hours played
Report after one permadeath game: nice little classical roguelike that doesn't feel dumbed down.

Right of the bat you face elements like digging through the level and freezing water to advance, dynamic poison gas clouds that expand and shrink around vents, enemies with dangerous abilities like making you dizzy, that you can't just bump through mindlessly. Quite refreshing compared to other "lite" roguelikes where the first few levels are devoid of any challenge.

This is still simpler than a "full-fledged" roguelike as there is no item identification, inventory space is very limited with barely any management, and there seems to be very few item types. It seems that you only get four spells and keep them for the whole game.

Each level I saw had a locked monster zoo, an orb you must push into place for a strength boost, an altar to remove curses, and a merchant. It's pretty neat as it allows you to plan for what you want to do, but it might get repetitive in the long run. The environment for the second level was quite different from the first though, so the game seems to have avoided the "generic same wall tile for 10 levels" syndrome.

All in all, recommended, and most especially if you never tried a real classical roguelike like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Nethack, TOME, Brogue and the like, and would like to get a taste of what they can offer without learning a lot of keyboard commands.
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