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If you see me in a TF2 server, I usually don't respond because I have in-game text and voice chat disabled most of the time.

Competitive History

UGC Season 21: :ok_hand: | Platinum - Engineer (3-5)
UGC Season 20: Show 'Em The Pine | Silver - Engineer (5-3)
UGC Season 20: 2Legit2Quit | Silver - Engineer (incmp)
UGC Season 19: 2Legit2Quit | Silver - Engineer (3-5)
UGC Season 18: Alphabet Alliterations | Gold - Engineer (Sub) (4-4)
UGC Season 17: Spicy+ Support | Silver - Engineer (4-4)
UGC Season 16: Spicy+ Support | Silver - Engineer (4-4)
UGC Season 15: Spicy+ Support | Steel - Engineer (9-3)
UGC Season 14: Spicy+ Support | Steel - Engineer (3-5)
UGC Season 13: HuSTLe | Iron - Engineer (incmp)

RGL Season 2: Ascent | High - Engineer (12-3)

UGC Season 22: 2Legit2Quit (incmp) | Silver - Engineer
UGC Season 18: Bob Saget's Hit Squad | Steel - Pocket Soldier (Sub)

UGC Season 10: Bald Peices Of Shit | Silver
UGC Season 7: Frozen Yogurt Technology | Steel (Sub)
UGC Season 6: 4Heads | Steel (Sub)
UGC Season 4: Gud Grummur | Iron (Sub)

(incmp) = Incomplete: I left the team's roster OR the team was disbanded before the season ended.

I'm now "retired" from UGC Highlander. But feel free to hit me up for HL pugs, or to ring Engie/Medic/Heavy/Scout.
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Kire Jun 24 @ 8:17pm 
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sol ♥ Jun 21 @ 2:12am 
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Juse Apr 24 @ 4:22pm 
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sandblast Mar 12 @ 9:25pm 
thoughts on my avatar
✨ h20verdrive ✨ Feb 25 @ 5:54pm 
Loved seeing you at Rewind II! :happy_creep: