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Moved from Sydney, Australia to New York City for college. Csgo is a passion and I'm incredibly committed.

ESEA [play.esea.net]

Faceit [www.faceit.com]


Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

400 dpi, 2.05 in-game, zowie ec2a (mouse), steel series Qck Heavy (pad), Hyperx Wireless, blue yeti microphone


IGL and rifler

Nethron: Uncene, C4M, A1pha, Zak, Adept
Aureum Esports: Uncene, Atomik, Eptima, Pombom, Naf-jones
Exclusive Minds: Uncene, Atomik, Eptima, Luhar, Naf-Jones
Eminence: Uncene, Magi, Evz, Pingu, Fabzy
Raiders: Uncene, NSA, Magi, Evz, Pingu
Ignis: Uncene, NSA, Mike, lazah, Macgyver
Templars: Uncene, Macgyver, Muffin, Kyth, Tecv

- Esea Main with Nethron
- Esea IM with Exclusive Minds
- Cybergamer Amateur Finals 9-16th

- i7 8700k 5.1 Ghz (all cores)
- RTX 2080ti founders edition
- 32gb RAM 3000mhz corsair rgb
- m.2 nvme 512gb samsung pro ssd
- Z370 itx asus
- NZXT kraken m22 120mm aio
- Silverstone 650W gold rated sfx psu
- Phanteks evolv shift black

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InFerso 12 de Jul às 10:32 
bruh he aint happy
Sad 29 de Mai às 10:51 
Signed by Happy
Caboose (NA ping EU skill) 10 de Mai às 14:32 
One of the rare times I got qued into a good, high ranked, skilled player who was NOT toxic. Thank you for the carry and for being chill. your a baller <3
catgirl 10 de Mai às 0:39 
hey neece,
its tyrone from the dorm, hope ur still going aight since you left. was jus wondering if you still had some of that killer reefer u were smoking i need some of that rn haha. either way u welcome back anytime g take it easy
ALL HAIL KING PAIMON 6 de Mar às 19:25 
signed by witty~
Ariess 13 de Jan às 17:55 
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