Joseph Swolin
Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili also known as "Joseph Stalin"
Roses are red
Violets are dead
If you're not red
You get bullet to head
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Dead by Daylight
Read this for useless information about me
Welcome Comrade!

Want to add me? Go ahead and do it!

:exclamationPointRed: But i will NOT accept requests from: :exclamationPointRed:

:dd_denied: Level 0 Steam profiles :dd_denied:
:dd_denied: Private Steam profiles :dd_denied:

People that i know and IRL friends are an exception

:cogonly: Some Personal Information :cogonly:

:PlayItOut: My real name is: Max I am 900 (incredible, i know) years old

:PlayItOut: I live in Italy (Foggia) but i was born and raised in Austria (Innsbruck)

:PlayItOut: I usually enjoy First Person Shooter, Survival and Grand Strategy games

:PlayItOut: I Speak German, Italian and English, i also understand some French, but don't you dare think that you can have entire conversations in French with me

:PlayItOut: Some of my favourite hobbies are Reading Books, Listening to music, watch some movies (i usually enjoy war movies), watching TV series and playing videogames (obviously, lol)

:PlayItOut: I'm not really into sports that much, altough i enjoy swimming and hiking from time to time
:PlayItOut: I'm also trying to improve my drawing and handwriting skills, i've made some progress but i'm still mostly shit at it :)

:CrowdControl: These are my (current) favourite games :csgoct:

Divinity: Original Sin 2
Dead By Daylight
Battlefield 4
Hearts Of Iron IV
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Arma 3
Day of Infamy
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Battlefield 1

:anlpbrowser: Other Accounts :anlpbrowser:

Battle net: JustaGamer#21760
Origin: BigWillyMan42
Discord: Garelt of Roovia#4638

If i'm not online, or away, you can still message me, i won't replay as quickly, but i still will.

:books: Want to trade? Just ask! :books:

:GreenArrow: Error404: Trade Link Not Found

:Friends: Here are some of my best Comrades! :Friends:

The greatest faggot i've ever met, but that's what makes him special
That one friend that taught me the difference between cucumbers and eggplants
After 4 years, still a loyal, entertaining and helpful friend
Great Italian friend of mine, but we've sadly not played anything in some time
A classmate of mine, good IRL and online friend
great friend from Poland i met on Team Fortress 2 well over a year ago
Estonian guy i met on Discord some time ago, overall a pretty good guy

This is all i have to say, have a nice day!

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Ryan McRegreto Sep 8 @ 8:33am 
✪ Resty ✪ Aug 25 @ 10:16am 
despacito       d
        t       e
        i       s
        c       p
        a       a
        p       c
        s       i
        e       t
t       e
i       s
c       p
a       a
p       c
s       i
e       t
d       oticapsed
'CharLee Aug 16 @ 5:14am 
When u kill 4 times as many people as Hitler But Nobody Cares...
Vaykor Aug 9 @ 11:52pm 
Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
Да здравствует созданный волей народов
Единый, могучий Советский Союз!

Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Дружбы, народов надежный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы, к победе ведет!

Сквозь грозы сияло нам солнце свободы,
И Ленин великий нам путь озарил.
Нас вырастил Сталин - на верность народу
На труд и на подвиги нас вдохновил.
✪ Resty ✪ Jul 31 @ 10:19am 
║░▒║ put this
║♥♥♥ ║ on your friends
║░▒║ profile
║♥♥♥ ║ to protect them
║░▒║ against ♥♥♥♥♥♥s
║♥♥♥ ║ and jews
Joseph Swolin Jul 14 @ 5:01pm 
nothing new