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The moon is a bit of a jerk, Don't mind him.
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Hello There! All Set!
Rosalina is honestly :eleven:, like seriously
Too bad she isn't real.⠀ :wnsad:

Community Contributor, Graphic Designer and Vector Artist,
with an affinity for Badge Design! :Heartyou:

My Team Fortress 2 Exploits:
Palaise ⠀|⠀Lead Administrator & Graphic Designer
Ready Steady Pan ⠀|⠀Helper / Art Team
Copenhagen Games ⠀|⠀Creative Staff
KritzKast ⠀|⠀Stream & Graphics Team
Respawn League |⠀Artist
+ a few more secret projects

Notable Tournament Titles:
OZF Season 21 Open - 2nd Place
OZF A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #2 Open - 1st Place
Ready Steady Pan Season 4 AU - 2nd Place
UGC Highlander Season 25 AUS/NZ - 3rd Place (Last season before UGC died)
Steel AUS/NZ All Stars Showmatch S17 - The team that lost :(
CP.TV The LAN Downunder 2019 - Top 4

I'm a Nintendo Gamer:
X-Rank Competitive Squid Gamer!
Splatoon 2 UK Championship Qualifier - 5th Place
Splatoon 2 PAX AUS Console Tourney - 3rd Place
- - -
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe PAX AUS Console Tourney - Finalist
Super Bomberman R PAX AUS Handheld Tourney - 1st
Mario Tennis Aces i63 Open - Top 8 (Don't own the game, so that's neat)
Some random local Smash Ultimate Tournament - 1st Place

What I'm doing now
Current Addiction: Rainbow 6 | Siege

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Do you think anyone actually cares about the number of kills people have on their stranges?

I need to get myself a better Escape Plan

777 DPM Highlander official round with the Force-A-Nature [logs.tf]


Computer Specs:
Yes, I have a computer.:lunar2019deadpanpig:
43.4cm per 360°
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When you headshot somebody and they live.
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It's time to play some TF2.
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Back in my day, a distant time way back in 2014:

There was once a game called Loadout.
A game I saw on the digital store-shelf
"This looks fun no doubt!"
"I should try it"I think to myself

So I click install the game
and enter my name
and so it had started,
online fun that was lighthearted

Where was I going with this? Oh the game used to be amazing
Anyway now the game doesn't have many players anymore :(

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Komish 16 hours ago 
Added for your demo unu, assuming it's nfs but I might aswell offer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Limegay Jun 24 @ 5:43pm 
yo, added to ask if the ballcaps for sale
DragonVestor unusual.tf May 29 @ 8:04am 
Saw you on a Muselk vid, will you make your collectors pretty boy pocket pistol festivised haha
Gaming Keyboard May 12 @ 6:35am 
+rep all around good player
Gaming Keyboard May 12 @ 6:33am 
you were also in a muselk vid 4 years ago lmao
Gaming Keyboard May 12 @ 6:33am 
love ur pfp saw u in a game