Today Sep 20, 2018, marks the moment I've grown my library through pure purchasing power from zero to 100 titles in 38 days. Should I be ecstatic or get professional help? :steamhappy:

Dear Diary,
Today Dec 5, 2018, my library has 207 games. :td_bear: I feel the blessings shining through my soul already hahaha
It is now Dec 7, the library has magically grown into 218 games :td_bear::td_bear:
Dec 11, My sweet library, my bundle of joy, has become 229 games strong! :td_bear::td_bear::td_bear:

Dear Diary,
It's Dec 19, and my sweet library has over 256 games now. I'm a bit tired of running after games to buy and add here. Time to focus on what truly matters...GAMING! :steamhappy:

s =started
c =completed
ugh =dropped

22-Dec: c Mad Max :MMDead:
25-Dec: c Max Payne 2
26-Dec: s Styx: Master of Shadows. ugh
28-Dec: s Dead Island (Definitive). ugh
30-Dec: s Mafia III Deluxe. c (87% Achievements) on 11-Jan-2019 :25dollar:

12-Jan: s Valiant Hearts [on Ubisoft]
13-Jan: s Puppy Dogs: Jigsaw Puzzles :puppyprettypup:
14-Jan: s Splinter Cell: Conviction. c 18-Jan-19
18-Jan: s Metro 2033. c (48% Achievements) on 6-Feb-2019 :mllrmask:
21-Jan: s Battlefield 1 Premium [on Origin]
25-Jan: s+c Bullet Storm Lite [on Origin]
06-Feb: s Borderlands 2. Playing it on & off. :borderlands2:
07-Feb: s Dying Light. ugh
08-Feb: s+c Titanfall 2 [on Origin]
14-Feb: s Metro Last Light Redux. c (76% Achievements) on 19-Feb. :mllrmask:
21-Feb: s Metro Exodus [on Epic GS]. c on 25-Feb-2019 :mllrmask:
26-Feb: s Glass Masquerade. c on 6-Mar w 100% achievements.
04-Mar: s+c Late Shift (5 runs). 100% achievements on 6-Mar. :ls_clapper:
12-Mar: s Les Misérables: Jean Valjean. c 13-Mar.
14-Mar: c Borderlands 2! w 50% achievements. Terrific, humorous game! :borderlands2:
15-Mar: s The Division 2 [on Uplay]!
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Hidden-object game, about a touching story
7/10 Recommended

Les Misérables: Jean Valjean is story-driven. I was immediately attracted to the game when I saw it's based on the 1862 novel of the same name Les Misérables by French author Victor Hugo. The game delivers the story in a hidden-object form, as expected.

There are also interesting tidbits about France back then within the game.

A few interesting features:
  1. The game has a zoom feature in the hidden-objects parts. I found it very useful to zoom in, left-click-&-hold then move around the scene. It's mouse-wheel-up for zooming in and mouse-wheel-down for zooming out.
  2. The save system is local and uses your PC only (It's not cloud-based). So your progress isn't carried over to another machine (if you installed it there) or when you decide to uninstall the game and get back to it months later.
  3. If you spam-click (more than five clicks in rapid succession), the scene darkens and you cannot play for a few seconds.

    The game suffers from what most, if not all, hidden-object games do, namely:
    1. Some objects are simply drawings, not 3D objects.
    2. Objects sometimes are almost entirely hidden behind other objects. So it gets confusing and frustrating sometimes. Or certain objects must be found (and removed from the scene) first before other objects are clearer to see.
    3. The same object has different shapes and/or colors in different scenes. For example, I searched a lot for the fruit 'pear' but couldn't find it. Why? Because it wasn't green but balckish-red in the scene.

      My strategy was to zoom in, search carefully to find what I can, then click on all the other objects in sight, and to use the Hint button when stuck.

      It was a great time-waster! and I finally learned the story of Les Misérables! Because God knows I wasn't going to subject myself to the torture of watching the musical version!

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