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Posted: Oct 10 @ 5:13am

Havent played an MMO this much since the mid 2000s of early World of Warcraft and Runescape and haven't been able to find one I've enjoyed quite like those two. Tried FFXIV, wasn't for me. Tried ESO, too floaty in terms of combat. Picked this up on a whim as I've been playing games a lot less recently due to my depression and anxiety and the time sink is real. The community is rather good so far as long as you ignore global chat (but that's any MMO for you).

Graphics: 8/10- running on Medium and the game looks great. Rivals late PS4/XBOX One titles.
Music/Sound: 8/10- music is fitting, sound mixing is great.
Performance: 9/10- no major issues on Medium specs. I do play with framerate locked on a 5 year old laptop and it runs well. Modern hardware won't be an issue.
Gameplay: 8/10- In terms of MMO gameplay, I'm impressed. It plays closer to a single player RPG in terms of mechanics and style. Reminds me of Dragon's Dogma with its tight combat.
Replay Value: 10/10- Hard to put down once you get into the groove of things. Been playing it more than I've been working since launch.

Overall: 43/50 or 8.6/10
Highly recommended!
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