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Drop in the Ocean

Locate your Drop Pod.
Unlocked May 15 @ 12:10pm

Like Riding a Bike

Ride a Snowfox.
Unlocked Jul 5 @ 6:10pm


Construct a Seatruck
Unlocked May 15 @ 8:44pm

Jukebox Hero

Install a jukebox.
Unlocked May 31 @ 5:25pm

Dressed For The Weather

Construct a cold suit.
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 9:23pm

Spy Pengling

Construct a spy pengling.
Unlocked May 31 @ 8:00pm

Necessary Repairs

Repair the bridge.
Unlocked May 31 @ 9:00pm


Encounter a sapient alien lifeform.
Unlocked May 15 @ 7:13pm

Finding the Cure

Use the antidote.
Unlocked Jul 4 @ 8:52pm

Another Survivor

Find Marguerit's home.
Unlocked May 16 @ 6:05pm

Pirate Radio

Disable Alterra communications.
Unlocked May 20 @ 12:24am

Out of Mind

Construct an alien vessel.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 2:35pm

Into the Unknown

Leave 4546B.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 6:59pm