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Every survivor deserves an Oscar. So it goes.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 12:16am

BDSM fan club

Yes, yes, more! Use me as a chair! Oh yeah!
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 12:15am

Chicken dielectric

An immortal Chicken on a stick makes an excellent dielectric. We do not recommend trying this in real life, unless you have an immortal chicken and an immortal you.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 1:20am


It's warm in underpants, and you can hibernate in winter if you have a whole lot of them!
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 1:47am


You can solve any case if you know for sure who you want to blame.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 1:16am

Small puffs of gas

It's indecent to fart on Earth, but farting in space can save your life by giving your body acceleration at the last moment.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:29am


The dead guy doesn't need the eye, and you have only two of them. Actually, three now, to be more precise, but you must still take care of them.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 1:54am

The power of the Unicorn

You are immune to criticism. You are simply THE best. Everything your hands get to touch and create is GENIUS. This achievement is unique and is meant to be given to no one but you. Everyone else has a fake copy of it.
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 12:41am

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Someone else's pass works just like someone else's diploma: it allows you to connect to engineering terminals and boast that you're a hacker while simply touching "Yes"/"No" on monitors.
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 7:26pm


The ignition of natural gas can cause not only a heated argument on some online forum but also a 20% increase in the flight speed with accelerators.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 7:43pm

A complete idi…

It's quite difficult to describe this achievement. On your head be it.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 1:20am

Almost served

When you jogged for three days in a row, prepared yourself mentally to serve in the army, boasted that you were going to be a paratrooper, and then suddenly failed all medical tests — can this be considered as "almost served", or not?
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 12:20am

Complete Chapter 2

Completing the second chapter will be almost as difficult as completing the third one. That's how it is.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:19pm

Complete Chapter 3

Completing the third chapter will be almost as difficult as completing the second one. That's how it is.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:19pm


It would be an awful thing to open coffins if we weren't talking about their back panel containing the control panel. And since it's all about the control panel, then all is well, and you can proceed to open it.
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 7:47pm

A contributor to the industry

Congratulations! If you didn't cheat, then you are helping the industry to develop! In some way, not necessarily in the right one.
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 1:57pm


Scanning the dead product of genetic engineering will help the spacesuit to replenish its library of useless images. And it might be possible to sell these pictures to the newspapers if need be.
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 11:52pm


It's really easy to herd cows in space: just pile them up in a heap and don't touch them until the rescuers come.
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 1:30am

Heroic deed

There's no point in heroically covering a barrel of a beam weapon with your chest. You can, if you like, but in this case, it's just not necessary. If you really want to do it, don't forget to turn the weapon off first.
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 5:24pm


Living coffins are no joke. Some may think that such a situation isn't a big deal, but in reality, a dead thing being alive makes it a zombie, a zombie is a bad thing, a bad thing is a problem, a problem is serious, serious equals an investigator and an investigator equals a life sentence. In the end, do you really want to go to prison?
Unlocked Sep 3 @ 5:34pm

Mumbo jumbo

You can trust nobody! Nobody! Except us. As for why this achievement has such a name, we don't know. It's probably a bug, and it will change if you blink 20 times and jump 10 times.
Unlocked Sep 3 @ 6:11pm

The right choice

Sometimes, among a thousand of options, only one is the right one. It's amazing how you managed to identify it. The greatest minds will break their heads over solving this puzzle.
Unlocked Sep 3 @ 5:23pm


Not everyone can save the galaxy, but saving it by just sitting on the couch is beyond comprehension. Keep it up!
Unlocked Sep 4 @ 7:37pm


A quick and unexpected raid on the enemy's infrastructure is very effective, brave, and only a real space fighter is worthy of doing that. We can only hope that the coffins were really building these strange stations, and not destroying them.
Unlocked Sep 4 @ 6:20pm

Sir, no sir!

Someone always has to control an army, even if it's an army of crazy coffins. A coffin squadron without a general is just a bunch of stupid meat containers, and a coffin squadron with a general is also just a bunch of stupid meat containers, but with a general. That's a fact!
Unlocked Sep 3 @ 5:35pm

Big machine gun

It's fun to shoot with a blaster, but to shoot with big military spaceship blasters is a lot more fun. However, there is some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that shooting military weapons is prohibited without a license. The good news is that everyone who could have inspected this has already died.
Unlocked Sep 3 @ 5:34pm


The artist can offend and draw anyone. Usually, this happens simultaneously.


When your life hangs in the balance, oxygen is left for one breath, the world is in danger, and death and suffering surround you — fly through all the rings!

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner can not only help to clean the apartment quickly but can also rush through space and time like a jet motorbike. So convenient!


Labor turned ape into a... more muscular ape. You have unique destruction skills, now your delicate workmanship with the handy scrapper will cause more damage to everything you touch with it.


"It's a bad thing to destroy the whole garbage collecting infrastructure for selfish purposes," so my mother says. Although who cares, anyway? Isn't that a cleaner robot in the distance?


The dead people flying around are highly unlikely to say "wow!" to your highly polished brand new ZAZ but it's still nice to enjoy the ride with the wind... Or without it...


If you mess around with electricity for a long time, you might get immune to it. Probably. But it's better not to try it.


It's very easy to determine a person's mental disorder by the color of his spacesuit. Especially if you're a charlatan. A real professional will try to find and add all the other possible signs of the illness.

A rebel

You are a rebel at heart, a rebel by nature, and a rebel by horoscope. Down with other people's advice! Stick your fingers in…


It may seem that making a hundred or two shots is not so difficult, but when each shot is worth the cost of a whole space station, it's a completely different story.


Attacking a security robot is a felony, even if no one saw you do it. On the other hand, it is still a felony, so there is nothing good about it.

Coffin Counter

Finding and counting dead coffin robots is an interesting and extremely educational activity, although it's absolutely useless. If only there would be the living ones…

A Persistent One

If you press any broken button persistently, something will definitely happen. Maybe the button will break, or maybe even your finger.

The breathtaking!

Believing in yourself and never giving up, even when everything is useless and scripted, is breathtaking! No, you're breathtaking!

A menace to cows

Properly disposing of synthetic animal corpses, you can save humanity from dangerous diseases and the fertile soil from senseless pollution. You can also enjoy magnificent gore effects but that's not what matters.

Quick draw

Being the fastest is a real achievement! It's a real mastery! It deserves some respect! You hear, honey?! IT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT! =(

Machine gunner

Shooting a machine gun is easy. Hitting a target with it is harder. It's even harder to hit a target with the shuttle's plasma guns when the shuttle isn't designed for them.


Being able to orientate yourself is an extremely important skill for any traveler. Don't forget to mark the landmarks that are visible from afar, keep an eye on the moss on tree trunks, and don't forget about the North star and your compass. Especially, if you're not in space.

Think with your own head

One can listen to other people's advice forever, but it's much more valuable to think with your own head. You learn best from your own mistakes, as someone said... Or maybe they didn't.


A man's palms say more than the backs of his hands, elbows, or navel. If you want to appear a strong and hard-working man in the eyes of others, you can rub your hands to get calluses that will brutally scratch other people's hands when you shake them.


Spying on people is indecent, and spying on dead people is doubly indecent. Probably. The dictionary didn't say anything about it under the word "voyeur".

Airlock master

They teach astronauts how to dock to airlocks even before teaching them how to use the space toilet. Missing the toilet is unpleasant, but not fatal — missing the airlock is a problem.


With all due respect to the work of repair robots, they are useless competitors that consume resources. These guys are not subject to reprogramming and will fix everything that gets in their manipulators: shuttles, the liner's debris, vehicles, killer coffins…


It turns out that if you bomb a liner, the anti-asteroid turrets go crazy. They go crazy by themselves, without any killer coffins' help. That's right. In any case, space will be much safer without them.

Ice breaker

It would be more correct to call this reward "An Ice-Shooter", but it sounds weird. In any case, the fewer unattended blocks of ice of questionable quality in space, the fewer people will be poisoned by poor-quality water in the future. Well, that's sanitary!

Careful driver

Either a very drunk, or a very meticulous pilot who wants to get a special achievement in his career would wipe all the asteroids in the area with a bottom of a space shuttle. It's up to you to decide, which one you want to be.

Auto repair shop

A spring squeak, the smell of fresh engine oil, the noise of an angle grinder, and the fervent swearing of a mechanic — you can't find all this in outer space, and you never will. But what you can find is the creaking of your joints, the smell of fresh sweat, and the sound of blood in your ears. Space is a lousy place.

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