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my esea [play.esea.net]
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retired from tf2 but will still roster ride

The1BloodSkull: Well, you are clearly cheating and a worthless scumbag for not admitting to it. You headshot outside of the scopes view, at like 2 feet away where you can't even see the head, that's why you are cheating. Also, you are scum of the earth and deserve to be burned alive and have bleach dumped on your entire body. I'm just speaking the true, earth would be better without scum like you. I hope one day you watch your family die and suffer infront of you and you can't do anything bout it, enjoy what life you have left, it won't be much. Goodbye, scum

Alias: cre-8
Desired position: tournament organizer, social media
FACEIT Profile: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/cre-8
availability (timeslot) weekdays: 4:30 pm to 10 pm EST. weekends: 11 am to 10 pm EST.
relevant experience: Founder and main runner of the Creative Gaming Assoc. NHBL referee. relation with "big joey slapnuts" a tf2ber with 9,000 subs as friends.
What would make you an asset to the TF2PL team?: TF2PL is a league that does its best to provide players with extreme competition that everyone wants to get into. the TF2PL community wants to be with players that they know pretty well and to make a balanced team to prove themselves worthy of going towards LAN events and more for the future of the competitive scene. i will update the people wanting a great challenge while they managing their own team in the TF2PL so that they know what will happen, such as a 6v6 cup for beginner, amateur, advance, and invite. i will also help with twitter, twitch, and youtube relations for a better and stronger community.
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Hey man im making an invite highlander team and we need a pyro, can you tryout tonight?
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