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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 4 @ 12:40pm

Efficient Mender

You've successfully fixed the cart.
Unlocked May 4 @ 12:56pm

Sweet Tooth

You've decorated a lovely cake.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:01pm

Mighty Magician

You defeated a cursed creature.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:04pm


You've translated a word into runic form.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:12pm

Lucky Gambler

You've won against a cunning player.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:19pm


You opened the gate to the Port.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:39pm

Claw-Some Pal

You saved Mr. Whiskers.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:30pm

Skilled Sorcerer

You defeated the cursed scarecrow.
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:48pm

Kind Necromancer

You summoned a ghost.
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:51pm

Relentless Investigator

You gained entrance to the MacConnell mansion.
Unlocked May 4 @ 4:14pm

Wonderful Wizard

You defeated the cursed flytrap.
Unlocked May 4 @ 4:26pm

Friend of all Folk

You rejuvenated the tree folk's home.
Unlocked May 4 @ 4:34pm

Savior of Souls

You freed Blair from the Kelpie's curse.
Unlocked May 4 @ 4:35pm

Maze Master

You've navigated the sewers.
Unlocked May 4 @ 5:40pm


You obtained the legendary Doomblade.
Unlocked May 4 @ 5:42pm

Monster Master

You defeated the Kelpie.
Unlocked May 4 @ 5:46pm

Fantastic Fixer

You expertly repaired the elevator.
Unlocked May 4 @ 5:50pm

Tree Doctor

You've researched the Heart of Nature's symptoms.
Unlocked May 4 @ 6:03pm

Bird Whisperer

You summoned a bird with the power of music.
Unlocked May 4 @ 5:49pm

Mushroom Marksman

You created stepping stones from mushrooms.
Unlocked May 4 @ 6:13pm

Table Traverser

You found a creative way to reach the top of the desk.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:01pm


Complete two Minigames without skipping.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:06pm


Complete four Minigames without skipping.
Unlocked May 4 @ 1:12pm

Witty Fellow

Finish two Minigames in 60 seconds without skipping.
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:53pm

Faster than Lightning

Finish eight Minigames in 60 seconds without skipping.
Unlocked May 4 @ 12:40pm

No Help Needed

Finish a HOP in 90 seconds.
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:24pm

Precise Seeker

Finish a HOP without mistake.

Grand Master

Finish all Minigames without skipping.

Supreme Finder

Finish all HOPs without any hints.

Pumpkin Master

Find all collectible items.

Mirage Hunter

Find all morphing objects.