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Unlocked May 11 @ 12:23pm

Moon Crasher!

Crash 10 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:18pm

First crash!

Rapid unscheduled disassembly!
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:31pm

Time to crash!

Crash 25 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:48pm

Crash dummy!

Crash 50 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:22pm

I need to crash!

Crash 75 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:52pm

Master Crasher!

Crash 100 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:20pm

First landing!

Land Once
Unlocked May 11 @ 12:51pm

Getting better!

Land 10 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 1:58pm

King's Landing!

Land 25 Times
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:10pm

Good job Lando!

Land 50 Times

Way to land!

Land 75 Times
50 / 75

Master Lander!

Land 100 Times
50 / 100

Level 1 Complete

Yeah boy :)

Level 2 Complete

Your getting the hang of this :)

Level 3 Complete

Stable Genius!

Level 4 Complete

Don't worry, It gets harder soon.

Level 5 Complete

Did you go under? or over?

Level 6 Complete

Easy part is over, let's see what you can do!

Level 7 Complete

Good work! That one is quite hard :)

Level 8 Complete

Keep going your doing well :)

Level 9 Complete

You can bounce of the walls in this level :/

Level 10 Complete

Moonlander License obtained :)

Level 11 Complete

Im glad this game has more than 10 levels :)

Level 12 Complete

Wow your almost good at this!

Level 13 Complete

Yes! Living the lander dream!

Level 14 Complete

That one is hard!

Level 15 Complete

Good job! Keep it up!

Level 16 Complete

Live to Land :)

Level 17 Complete

Now your on a roll!

Level 18 Complete

Lander games for life!

Level 19 Complete

Based on 'Astro Lander' from 'Time Splitters 2' :)

Level 20 Complete

Good thing there are more levels!

Level 21 Complete

Escape from the belly of the beast!

Level 22 Complete

That's the way she goes.

Level 23 Complete

Into the volcano!

Level 24 Complete

Seems like you actually might make it to the end :)

Level 25 Complete

Shortcuts are brutal :/

Level 26 Complete

Geometric madness!

Level 27 Complete

All your mothership are belong to us!

Level 28 Complete

The clean up crew has landed!

Level 29 Complete

If you have feedback or ideas let me know on the community noticeboard!

Level 30 Complete

You did it! Thank you for playing :)