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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 2 @ 1:56pm

Realm of Dreams

Watch Director's Welcom Movie without skipping it.
Unlocked May 2 @ 2:19pm

Lady of the Light

Light up your way into the Theater Entrance.
Unlocked May 2 @ 2:36pm

Let's dream

Enter your first dream.
Unlocked May 2 @ 2:34pm

Helper Bot

Repair Atom.
Unlocked May 2 @ 7:06pm

Helper Bot 2.0

Upgrade Atom.
Unlocked May 2 @ 5:55pm

The nightmare

Discover the evil of the Emerald Maiden.
Unlocked May 2 @ 7:32pm

Little kittens performance

Play some music using the little kittens.
Unlocked May 2 @ 7:32pm

No matter

Build Matter Transformer.
Unlocked May 2 @ 7:42pm

Wake up!

Finish the game.
Unlocked May 2 @ 7:41pm

Never surrender!

Finish all Mini-Games without skipping.
Unlocked May 2 @ 2:08pm

Puff, puff!

Finish any Mini-Game in less than 1 minute.

Finders keepers

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.

Dreams and Roses

Find all Roses.