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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 9 @ 8:29am

Avid Reader

Read 10 pop-ups in the game.
Unlocked May 9 @ 8:25am

There's a Skip Button?

Complete 3 Puzzles without using the Skip Button.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:22pm

No Skipping!

Finish all Puzzles without using the Skip Button.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:42pm

Quick Sleuth

Find 5 hidden objects within 5 seconds.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:50am

Movie Buff

Watch 5 cutscenes without using the Skip Button.
Unlocked May 9 @ 1:41pm


Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 1 minute.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:25pm


Finish the game.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:40am

The Great Escape

Escaped from Davy Jones’s cell.
Unlocked May 9 @ 8:25am

A Captivating Matter

Got to the cell and found Cory.
Unlocked May 9 @ 1:41pm

About That Pact

Found out how to cancel the pact.
Unlocked May 9 @ 1:41pm

His Secrets

Found out what Davy Jones was hiding in the Icehouse.
Unlocked May 9 @ 1:49pm

Scullion's Tale

Reconnect with Cory.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:29pm


Get to O’Malley’s Hideout.
Unlocked May 9 @ 3:44pm

The Golden Hint

Find the hint about the treasure of Davy Jones.
Unlocked May 9 @ 3:58pm

Bewitching Hour

Get the witch to help you.
Unlocked May 9 @ 4:32pm

No Man Treads

Open the Forbidden Gate.
Unlocked May 9 @ 4:32pm

The Alchemist

Brew O’Malley's potion.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:22pm

The Deal Is Off

Cancel all of the pacts.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:15pm

Lost Memories

Listen to all of the Guardians’ stories.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:54am

Animal Lover

Interact with 3 Animals on the Island.
Unlocked May 9 @ 2:53am

Puzzling Find

Find the first hidden puzzle piece.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:18pm

Whole Picture

Find all of the hidden puzzle pieces.
Unlocked May 9 @ 8:26am

Seahorse Ashore

Find a glowing seahorse.
Unlocked May 9 @ 1:41pm

Special Card

Find the first Pirate Card.

On a Roll!

Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints.

Hidden Talent

Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle with less than 4 misclicks.

Every Last One

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.

The Joy of Mahjong

Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles by playing Mahjong.

Expert Player

Finish the whole game in Expert mode.


Interact with 16 Animals on the Island.

The King’s Seahorses

Find all the glowing seahorses.

Card Collector

Find all of the Pirate Cards.