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19:02 - Numberman: you know
19:02 - Numberman: smaller dicks are less gay
19:02 - Numberman: because you see less dick when you masturbate
19:02 - Numberman: therefore, you're more gay

Kevito: I ride dick like a champ

17:48 - oppai chan: im
17:48 - oppai chan: arnold schuaneigehr
17:48 - oppai chan: i can literally make ur face suck ur ass
17:49 - oppai chan: suck that shit out from ur ass
17:49 - oppai chan: and u feel the texture
17:49 - oppai chan: of the hardened shit
17:49 - oppai chan: then u cum

ubrdrgn: u like
ubrdrgn: black dicks
ubrdrgn: ?
bye: Yes
bye: i like sucking

u like
sucky sucky


u want
ur dad
to sucky sucky

i sucky sucky him

Khil: ya u guys r not christian go to hell thx

Khil: u guys dont even know enoch in bible

Khil: enoch is like the one who didnot die and thats ME
hailster QS bp me:
so i just go an aussie rl, aussie spec ks scatter and a strange pro ks sniper rifle
but id watn to trade them because i like them fk

I can feel myself:
should have bought an aussie dildo

hailster QS bp me:
oh god the feeling of gold in my ass would make me moan

[2:12 PM]
nah dude like
you fucked hail and yeenie
like the gayest threesome in the universe
all of your dicks
forming a triangle of gay
like fkn hell
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Enoch quotes:

Khil: on9

Khil: oofpez is my hero

khil: I like old people porn

khil: I eat yr dick

khil: ya u guys r not christian go to hell thx

khil: u guys dont know enoch in the bible

khil: enoch is like the one who didnot die and thats ME

khil: I touch yr dick

khil: i want girl gamer sister

khil: YAOOOO

khil: when i was borned until yesterday

khil: alright i am enough of this roommate fucking

khil: when u look at yr mirror every morning u r alr losing braincells
khil: wondering why is yrself looking like some stupid penis

khil: if you sleep again and miss scrim again then i will touch yr small tits

khil: does mousepad affect dpi ?

khil: jesus christ
khil: my dick is too long i wanna cut

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